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Prophetic Word - Ishmael Shall Be Exposed

Shalom dear Pillars,

I come to you today as a watchman of Ezekiel 3 and 33. Don’t forget to pray for the church. God loves the church so much despite her flaws, imperfections, dysfunction, greed, and worldliness, so don’t forget to pray for the church. Do not get so caught up in politics that you are distracted from what is happening in the house of God.

Watch for two stars, superstars, who will fall headfirst from their positions of authority God never gave to them. If your faith is in them it will fail you when you need it the most. Have no trust in the flesh. Believe in Me and you shall never fall, says the Lord.

Today, I received a vision from the Lord. The message of the vision, in a nutshell, is this – God is about to shake the church, and all that the church labored in vain for will fall and the Ishmaels will be scattered.

I saw a woman holding her child. The dear son she labored to bring forth into the world. She taught him proper etiquette. She taught him to be inclusive and not judgmental or critical of others who did not believe as he did. She taught him how to sing the latest songs, dress in the current fashion styles according to CULTURE. She did everything she could do to ensure her son would be accepted by all and successful in the world by operating according to the world’s gold standard. As I pondered who the woman was and what was her son's name, the Lord spoke to me and said, the woman is the church, My Bride, and the son she labored to bring forth and who she loves dearly is named Ishmael. My church has brought forth her best Ishmael and has presented him to the world as Yeshua. The Yeshua the church preaches is an imposter who is without power to perform word or deed. I say to you today, Ishmael and his mother are about to be exposed and I will cast out of my camp the Yeshua that looks, sounds, smells, and acts like the world. The Spirit of the Lord says the true Son of Promise will take His rightful place in the church. Then it will be said the church of the Firstborn has come full term and is ready to be birthed for the kings of kingdoms and the rulers of nations shall come bearing the wealth Yahweh gave them the power to create and while presenting it to the One who sits on the throne of God they will declare Yeshua is King of kings and Lord of lords to the praise and glory of the Father and now the kingdoms of the world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and His dearly beloved Son, Yeshua, and He shall reign forever and ever! Again, I say to you, Ismael and his mother, that Jezebel, will be forced out of the camp. Then Sarah and Isaac will come forth who is the Church and her Firstborn.

God is about to make an example of some people in positions of power in the church. He will touch the untouchables and in doing so instill the fear of the Lord back into the hearts of the believers. The fear of the Lord will be as a flaming fire in the pulpits across this nation shaking the money changers and handlers in the church causing them to overturn their own tables in the sight of the Lord and cry out for forgiveness.

Pray for the fear of the Lord to come into the hearts of the believers and non-believers across the nation. The fear of the Lord will be known by our lost and deceived nation. It may be that revival will follow close after!

Receive this blessing:

The Lord bless you and keep you;

The Lord make His face shine upon you,

And be gracious to you;

The Lord lift up his countenance upon you;

And give you peace.


Samuel Ramos III

Smashing Pillars International


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