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Image: Samuel Ramos, III of Smashing Pillars International

Samuel Ramos, III

Samuel Ramos, III is the Founder and President of Smashing Pillars International, a prophetic ministry he started in 2014 and is based in Houston, Texas. He ministers in prisons, churches, homes and anywhere else God calls him to minister. His joy and passion in life is to see people who are stuck in life because of traumatic experiences become unstuck and set free to dream again.


Samuel is a gifted prophetic intercessor and watchman on the wall. God has used his prophetic gifting for over 20 years to bless countless people. Through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, he uses his own life’s stories of overcoming childhood trauma, bondages, addictions, as well as, great deliverances, successes, and massive victories only the Lord God could have achieved in his life.   Samuel’s mission is to encourage others and to impart faith to believe God’s love towards them is unconditional. Samuel knows the day one is convinced of God's love for them is the day all things are possible.

Samuel's personal testimony with Mary Bostrom of Ken Bostrom Ministries

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