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Electronic Witchcraft


02-17-22 Vlog - Electronic witchcraft
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Electronic Witchcraft

In my previous video on Scrying I said that witchcraft today is much different than yesterday’s witchcraft. Today’s witchcraft has been combined with technology. What led me to start looking into this new type of witchcraft, new to me anyway, is a verse the Lord highlighted to me a few years ago. I knew He wanted to show me something but I wasn’t sure just what it was.

Ephesian 6:11 - Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

The only word that stood out to me was wiles so I look it up.

Wiles - Strong's G3180 – methodeia – method. Means: cunning arts, deceit, craft, trickery; wile, lie in wait. Root word: transfer or sequence.

Wiles in

· a trick, artifice, or stratagem meant to fool, trap, or entice; device.

· wiles, artful or beguiling behavior.

· deceitful cunning; trickery.

Technology in Wikipedia it says - Technology ("science of craft", from Greek τέχνη, techne, "art, skill, cunning of hand"; and -λογία, -logia.

Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the technologies of the devil. Whoa. I knew there was a whole new world of the occult that I was about to be introduced to by God.

There weren’t very many ministries at that time to learn from but I found a few. One minister I learned a lot from is Dr. Pat Holliday. She has gone on to be with the Lord but you can still find a lot of her material online. Today more and more deliverance ministries are waking up to the reality that deliverance ministries here in America have never evolved. In Africa, this is all common knowledge. We have some catching up to do! God is doing the catching up for us!

Mirror electromagnetic witchcraft

Electronic witchcraft



You may have never heard these terms even though you may be a deliverance ministry, but this kind of witchcraft has been around for decades. Like I said earlier, governments are practicing witchcraft, black magic, mind control, astral projection, scrying, and other ways to spy on other world governments and also the very people who elected them.

Russia was using witchcraft in the 80s in their governments. They trained psychics to go to foreign governments and bring back files and many other things you could never imagine possible to do with witchcraft through electronics.

They were using psychics to go to foreign countries and bring files back and many other things you could never imagine that people could do with witchcraft through electronics.

Many deliverance ministries are just beginning to understand terms like electromagnetic witchcraft, techno sorcery, techno demons, etc. Witches astral project and soul travel and they connect cords, chains, shackles to people to control them from a distance. The witches know how to connect into those people’s smartphones and computers and they track them.

Through your smartphone, laptop, iPad, computer, and any other electronic devices they can see you, literally. They know where you are, what you are doing, what you are saying.

Witches can soul travel and connect cords and chains to people and they can control them from a distance and connect into those people’s cell phones and computers and they can track them.

They can see you. They can tell where you are in the spiritual realms so that they can control you. They are assigned to individuals, groups, cities, and even nations just like intercessors of God. They call themselves Christian agents but they are actually Satan’s agents. The minute a Christian began to backslide or grow cold they immediately go into that church and befriend that person and complete the highway for them to backslide. Many times it is sexual sin and if the person being targeted doesn’t immediately repent and break off the relationship the witch will lead the person into bondage and even leave the church altogether.

They can know your thoughts, dreams, and desires through the technology they use to control you. If you are praying for a godly woman who is on fire for God. Guess who suddenly appears at a time when you are weak and struggling? A godly woman who will say she knows God sent her to your church for you. At first, you may think she is sent by God but she starts to do some questionable things that you choose to ignore, and before you know it you are sleeping together. Oh, yeah I forgot to mention most of the time the person is someone well-rooted in the church and even has a prominent position in the church. The devil’s side of spirituality is very much awake but there are few in the church that are awake. God is training and equipping them to destroy this new form of witchcraft and also to teach others how to do the same.

I call these who are awake the Meleks of Shalom. Melek is Hebrew for king and shalom is Hebrew for peace. This new generation of deliverance ministers God is raising up are the Kings of Peace on the earth. God will use them to educate the deliverance ministries still on milk to get them on solid food. Then we can bring in the end-time harvest. It will require us knowing how to cast out demons from people to set them free and get them saved. Hallelujah!

Electronic witchcraft is coming directly from the government and involves many different areas and agencies. Deliverance ministers who are already casting demons out of someone will be able to grasp what is being done now through technology because you more than likely have already experienced attacks that you knew were coming through technology somehow but you didn’t exactly how. Today you receive your revelation.

If you’ve never been on the level of deliverance dealing with electronic witchcraft it's okay. You will need to have a strong and solid prayer life and also ask God to open your understanding to comprehend everything you need to know to receive teaching, instruction, and revelation about this type of deliverance because it cannot be understood on a physical or material level.

What they do is soul scaffolding of Christians and it's being brought through the new age movement. It is prevalent in many churches but has been given a Christianized name. It is always rooted in the New Age movement. They call it The Plan and it is run by the global elite and they are responsible for the doctrines like “all paths lead to God” in the church, and the doctrine of “annihilation”.

These global elites and secret society cults haven taken Bibles out of Churches and replaced them with Bibles printed by the illuminate minus the meat of the word – Jesus Christ, His crucifixion, what it means, and how it brings one into the kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit, the blood of Jesus, the power that’s in the name of Jesus, and so on.

I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again all forms of New Age Movements and practices are pure witchcraft as well as ritualism, idolatry, reincarnation, fantasy games, books, white magic, black magic, sorcery, shamanism, occult symbols, worshiping idols, psychology, and UFOs.

UFOs are real and the Bible shows the reality of flying saucers and the devils flying saucers in Chronicles, Kings, Ezekiel, and many other places, and philosophy also of God coming on the scene and defeating powers of darkness.

It shows the powers of darkness taking control of whole cities, whole congregations. You can read about Jezebel and see how she led the whole nation of Israel to backslide away from God because the king married her and she was a pagan high-priestess witch and a high-level witch at that.

We must understand that UFOs are not aliens from another planet. They are entities from other dimensions. They are just as we are dimensional beings. These entities are a combination of fallen angels, celestials, demons, and probably even clones.

The government had a plan in the 80s called Blue Beam. They would fake the rapture of the church by shooting holographs in the sky. That plan may have changed to be an alien invasion where all the governments of the world agree to consolidate into a one-world government to be unified in our fight against these invaders, but it's all smoke and mirrors, and it will usher in the anti-Christ.

But back to electronic magnetic witchcraft. What this entail is witchcraft, Satan worship, astrology, horoscope, tarot card readings, Ouija boards, palm readings, fire walking, séances, mediums, spirits channeling, holistic medicines, physical tests, sports, guided imagery, and visualization. Now, these are all supernatural powers that any little corner witch uses and is for hire to curse and bind others.

The difference in electronic magnetic witchcraft, techno-wizardry, techno sorcery, is that there is a highly educated, think Ivy League, refined, intellectual, and highly intelligent witch or wizard that is pulling the strings to release that on one individual, a group of individuals, a city, or over a country. They know how to use the powers through technology. However, God has been training His end-time Kings of Peace, aka, the sons of God, to rise up in supernatural warfare and defeat the powers of these people who have been trained in the government the art of black magic, and all kinds of occult practices like remoting viewing, remote control, and mind control.

Their plan is to kill 90% of the world while hiding underground. Then, when time, come out and rule the world with Satan. Think about what is happening today with the pandemic and mandates. It is all true and not a conspiracy theory. Today witchcraft powers have total control over the NFL, movie industry, public education, media, news, and music industries.

Electronic witchcraft works through cell phones, computers, televisions, games, movies, YouTube, VR glasses, and coming soon to a Metaverse near you. When on YouTube cover your mind with the blood of Jesus because they can get in touch with your mind through wireless technology. They can project curses into your subconciousness without you even realizing it. Later when you are triggered by something you act out of character and don’t know where and how you were able to do whatever you did.

You can unplug your computer and turn off your phone but they will still be in contact with you. It works through what is called bioelectricity – Pat Holliday said as described by a satanist from a paranormal viewpoint – bioelectricity is known as a life-force such as energy, prana, aura, the spirit with power, and many other terminologies.

What they’ve done is merge witchcraft and rituals to technology to create a new form of witchcraft that is on a level that is mind-bending figuratively and literally if you are their target.

Pat Holliday’s book “The Witchdoctor, the man, and the city under the sea” reveals they received computers under the sea before any were received here on land. I am referring to the water spirits or the marine spirit world in the deep seas, and other bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, ponds, and such. The movie Aquaman is a great example. That movie is about the people who live in the sea who are planning to go to the surface to war with the land people. Boy, the land people in the movie were clueless about what was about to happen to them. They would not have been prepared and they are like today’s church. We are not prepared but we have a God who is!!!

In Pat’s book, the city under the sea, they were given a computer to target a Christian and they would watch them in their home before computers came to land back in the 70s. This information alone is mind-boggling, but let us proceed.

Bioelectronics was invented by a man named Tesla. Now, this guy was visited by many aliens, but really they were devils. I suspect Tesla was a warlock or wizard of some sort. Just as the aliens taught the natives in Africa how to use computers supernaturally and spiritually. Tesla was likely a direct student of Satan. Have you ever wondered how the scammers from Africa are able to convince people here in America and all around the world to empty their bank accounts to them without any resistance from the people they are scamming? Electronic witchcraft!

Bioelectricity determines the physical, psychological, and spiritual condition of a person. If you are being targeted by the witch they can soul travel or astral project and go anywhere in the world to where you are, but there is a silver cord that connects their spirit to their physical body. If the cord is disconnected or severed by prayer some say the witch will die and others say the witch will snap back into their bodies painfully. It will be like being body slammed on concrete. I guarantee that witch will never bother you again. So if you ever sense someone has astrally projected into your home or wherever you are and you feel an evil presence suddenly enter your room. Pray this, in Jesus’ name, I cut and severe every silver cord and soul tie being used to gain access to me by the witches. I bind the demon that is empowering the witch to astral project and command the demon and the witch to go back to where you came from, in Jesus’ name.

Our bodies are made up of electricity, you may have even heard we are actually a computer running system. It’s true, but they are now able to attack us through bioelectricity. They do it from a distance using a combination of witchcraft and machines.

The thing about witches is they tell us everything they are doing and planning to do in their books, websites, lectures. Today, they are very bold about what they are doing and they are in every Ivy League school, public school, military, and they have even infiltrated many churches that are not Christian churches. They have been built to lead many away from the truth and the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ.

They are using demonic powers of darkness to control humanity by bioelectricity manipulation. Wizards are sitting in places far away and they are working these powers to do things physically, mentally, and spiritually to us. In order to create the power to manipulate all bioelectricity energy fields involves a combination of electricity manipulation and biological manipulation. Remember, your body produces and runs on electricity. It is also called bioelectricity control, bioelectricity electrokinesis, control and manipulation, living electricity control, and manipulation.

They can do this to us from a distance. They are constantly improving and upgrading their technology. Today, they use the newest type of cell towers they installed all over the country over the last two years. While we were sitting and sleeping they put cell towers in all of our neighborhoods where they can take immediate control of our minds, mess with our body functions, cause organ failure, heart attacks, and many other things. It’s true.

Planes in the air shooting out poisonous metal and invented bugs (Morgellons disease) and nanobots and it has been proven. What people don’t know is that witches mix the cauldrons for the chemtrails which include poisons, heavy metals, and even desiccated blood cells from aborted fetuses.

The witch and wizards can manipulate all aspects of the body through the bioelectricity existing in the nervous system, the heart, muscles, or organs. They are capable of channeling their bioelectric energy into attacks or even draining the bioelectric energy of a person. Ever feel so tired and sleepy that it feels like you are actually sedated with some kind of drug. That’s witchcraft draining you of your bioelectric energy. Witches will use you like a battery to enhance their powers. If a person is under bioelectric attack and you are next to them you can be affected too just like a computer. You will be just as drained or confused as the other person.

They can form constructs out of life force bioelectrical energies drained or stored. They do this by locating the person by sensing their bioelectronical presence then they scramble the bioelectrical rhythms to throw them into shock. In other words, you are being attacked by witchcraft you don’t understand but you know that it is witchcraft on a level that is beyond you. Well, guess what. After this teaching electronic witchcraft and techno, sorcery won’t be beyond you anymore. It will be beneath your feet!!!

Back to the constructs they do this many ways such as through chemtrails they drop little pieces of string and crystals that fall on you and makes you like a receiver and through the satellites in the sky they can track you and when you come out of your house you are like a walking antenna they can track you. They can read your thoughts. They can plant false thoughts, false memories, and they can get you to even murder people without any resistance. They do this through technologies like frequencies, soundwaves, vibrations, and what they are doing is applying to you what they call a bio-electric aura, electrical wall-crawling, electricity generation, electroreception, neutral impulse manipulation, and neural vampirism.

The Church here in America doesn’t know much about these forms of witchcraft but in Africa, they know about vampire witchcraft because they are blood-eating people. Witches and wizards have to eat human blood to receive demonic powers. They have spirits of vampirism.

Earlier I said they always show us what they are doing in their book but we don’t recognize it because it is cloaked or camouflaged to keep it hidden in plain sight. For example, the comic strips from Marvel.

Electro - Electro's superpowers revolve around controlling electricity, which he can absorb to "charge" himself and become more powerful, gaining additional abilities such as flight, superhuman strength, and speed.

Wasp - She is usually depicted as having the ability to shrink to a height of several centimeters, fly employing insectoid wings, and fire bioelectric energy blasts.

Spiderman - The most common include wall-crawling, enhanced strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, durability, endurance, and healing as well as an early warning system officially dubbed the "Spider-Sense" power. Spider God: As seen in an alternate version of Peter Parker's dream, after being bit by a spider, he KO'd, and dreamed a "spider god" was talking to him and gave him the powers of a spider, and Peter became "The Spider-Man". It is unknown if the spider was radioactive, or if the Spider God gave Peter his powers in his reality.

Scanner - Scanner served as a scout that would survey the area before the others arrived, using her mutant ability to project an astral form to travel great distances.

Stinger - A young valley girl with electrical-based mutant powers

Dragoness - Her bio-electric flame projection powers and mechanical wings have made her a key member of the terrorist Mutant Liberation Front.

Today we have video games but before the games, we had comic books and they were telling us back then forty years ago what we are dealing with today. There were comic books with cloning in them forty years ago. Aliens of course forty years ago.

They have educated children and people through their playtime for many many years through movies, comic books, games, occult games that gave the players supernatural powers like Dungeons and Dragons, and books of all kinds of different supernatural places and practices. It’s called predictive programming and they appear to be able to predict the future but in reality, they are creating it in a way by brainwashing people far in advance to control and manipulate them.

Satan and his demons have a plan for the future so the demons went into the writers of the comic books like Superman and all of them to plant these thoughts and we called it imagination. The people writing the comic books like Superman and Aquaman may have been extra talented people, but I also believe some of them knew what they were doing because they were Satan’s agents. This was the devil’s mode of operation and the vehicles he used back then before we had wireless computers, TVs, and all the other electronics we have today.

Today, witchcraft through technology is called Modern Witchcraft Technologies and demons use human agents. Devils, demons, wicked spirits, and unclean spirits cannot make any decisions apart from a human being because they do not have authority on the earth. The earth has been entrusted to man to steward it until Jesus returns. The earth belongs to Him because it is His inheritance. So again, demons do not have authority because authority was given to man. That’s why demons try to oppress or possess a human body to use that human’s authority on the earth to do whatever the demons want to do. One way the demons gain access to a human body is through sin but another way is by practicing witchcraft. Think about that for a moment. We now have refined and highly educated witches and warlocks in our government pulling the strings on electronic witchcraft and the reality is that the demons in them have access to the authority those people have in the positions in government, the military, and so on. That’s why God is raising up powerful warriors in the spirit such as yourself to war on behalf of an individual, your family, church, city, and nation to defeat them and overthrow their thrones and dominions in the demonic realm. Praise the Lord! The devil only has the power or authority that we give him because the world was given to Adam and Eve as their kingdom until Jesus would return to restore all things.

This is why when we take dominion over witchcraft assignments and break them a demon he has to obey us because we have been the authority over all their works and this is the real reason why the devil, satanist, and communists are so afraid of the Bible and Spirit-filled human beings because when humans filled with and under the power of the Holy Spirit pray against them they know they are going to fall.

Since Satan cannot do anything unless he uses a human then the powers of electronic witchcraft have to have a human being that pushes the button that activates and releases the witchcraft. These are government witches and wizards that have been trained for many years in witchcraft as well as the technologies. Don’t forget they were being programmed over forty years ago through their playtime.

The powers of darkness use human agents who bind together and operate in packs such as witchcraft cults, covens, secret societies, and false Christian churches. These groups are commonly used as a circle for attracting and amplifying what they call energy but in reality, they are calling on demons, bewitching spirits, or manipulating modern technologies. Bewitching or bewitchment means to displace someone or to knock someone out of their place of the position they were planted in by God and caging them in the spirit.

They are caging people’s minds, bodies, and spirits in the circle, in eternal rings, in triangles. It is also called soul caging, mind binding, mind blocking, etc. Anytime a witch comes out of a coven you have to break the circle, triangle, or whatever the symbol is that they are kept caged in.

They must get rid of all jewelry, such as rings, triangles, body piercings, earrings, nose rings, or tattoos of these symbols that keep them caged to the covens. You have to break the power of darkness over those things. They will most likely have gifts given to them by the leaders of their covens and their overseers and they must get rid of those things too.

Witchcraft through modern technologies works exactly as the witchcraft done by witches and wizards on the earth. They are just sending their witchcraft through wireless technologies and the devils come right through the technologies. They come right through your smartphone, computer screen, television screen, and right into you, your family, your home, business, and ministry. That’s a lot of open doors!

If you could see a spiritual map of the world that has been mapped out by demons you would see supernatural highways that they travel on and these highways are like the real deal highways we drive on every day. These highways they travel on are called ley lines. I also told you they have supernatural cords, garlands, chains, snares…things you read about in the Bible that they use to attach to you so they can chain you, cage you, so that you’re entrapped in their powers to do their bidding. The people that are entrapped in these witchcraft technologies have to be broken free by a deliverance minister or ministry that knows how to break the power of the Satan technology off the person and set them free to serve the Lord or to get saved if they’ve never been born-again.

Speaking to you deliverance ministers. When you minister deliverance to someone and are dealing with something you’ve never dealt with before, and that you’ve never heard of, God will give you the wisdom to know how to minister and set that person free. Somethings you learn as you go. It’s like on-the-job training. There is no better reward than to see someone get delivered and set free from witchcraft attacks, especially these new modern electronic witchcraft technologies.

How a witch, warlock, or wizard works witchcraft over a community. Freemasons assigned to a community or even a region will do rituals and ceremonies to open portals and gateways over entire communities. They will conjure demons and spirits and release them into the community leaving the portals open for demons to go and come as they please. By the power in the name of Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Spirit you bind all of that up, break the power of the rituals and ceremonies performed, bind the devils and command them to go back to the dry places where they belong, close the portals and gateways and seal them with the blood of Jesus.

We cage the witch or wizard so that they can no longer work powers against you and what happens is your warfare becomes so much lighter, you won’t even believe it.


If a dumb Christian is praying witchcraft prayers against you but you don’t think they are doing witchcraft just turn them over to Jesus and he will deal with them. Don’t send spirits to people in the body of Christ. Let God deal with them. You do have authority over their soulish prayers that will have affected you because they are witchcraft prayers. Break the power of the prayer and bind any spirits operating against you through those prayers.

Prayer tips for teaching others how to break free from electronic witchcraft

Teach them about the power and authority in the name of Jesus.

  • They can call on the Father to send waring angels to war on their behalf and to surround them as a hedge of protection.

  • Ask God to send the fire of the Holy Ghost to surround them as a wall that no demon can penetrate.

  • Know your legal rights in the kingdom of God. No demon has a right to touch you even if you have fallen into sin no demon has a right to keep you from falling at the feet of Jesus to repent and ask for forgiveness and He will forgive you. Satan himself cannot keep you from repenting to Jesus and being forgiven.

  • Every devil that has trespassed the blood, teach them to bind in the name of Jesus.

  • Teach them to cage the demons and command them to cease their power.

  • Bind all reinforcing spirits that come behind the strongman.

  • Teach them to cover themselves with the blood of Jesus and ask God to send angels to war over their prayers to bring them to pass and manifest their full and total deliverance.

  • You can pray over them - Father, we ask you to place a wall of fire of the Holy Spirit around their house and we bind the powers and the principalities from over their house and we command them to cease and desist in their work against them now.

  • You can pray – Father, open their minds so that they understand and that You teach them quickly so that they can defend themselves.

  • But if we are delivering them from some demon that attached itself to them one way or another, we just go after those devils like any other deliverance ministry.

Mass deliverance

  • Witchcraft comes from so many different places – music they listened to, little dolls they played with when they were little, from fortune tellers to Ouija game boards, movies.

  • Disney world fills your kids with perversions and unclean things through subliminal messages in their movies and cartoons.

  • It also comes from idolatry.

  • Family lines

  • Family curses

  • Family witchcraft

  • If they have knowingly done things they need to confess that

Repent of practicing witchcraft and sorcery. Then lead them in the following prayer which is just an example. The Holy Spirit will lead you as you continue to pray for people. He will reveal ways for you to pray to set people free from electronic witchcraft attacks.

Father in the name of Jesus we take authority over all modern witchcraft that has come upon the listeners and we bind it up right now. We take authority over the television, over the telephone, over the computer, and any other wireless devices over everything they have done in the past and are doing right now. Father, teach them as they watch television or listen to the phone they need to cover themselves with the blood of Jesus and surround themselves with your divine protection. Father, teach them how to protect themselves from the technologies taking advantage of them.

Father in the name of Jesus we bind up every devil of technology. Every technology that is put up on all the streets, and all the technologies we don’t even know about. The chemtrails, vaccines, we just cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus. We thank you Father that you can deliver us.

Father, we confess that we listened to rock music, that we played with toys that infected us, that we did things when we grew up sexually and we did things in witchcraft that we didn’t even know was witchcraft. We put our lives under the blood and we ask for your forgiveness and your divine protection today.

Father, we thank you that you can overcome every single thing so Satan we bind you of all contagious diseases, we bind you from mystical diseases and creatures, we bind the strongman Satan and all the creatures and devils and things you would send our way.

Father, open our spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to us tonight.

We bind up the spirit of idolatry, Disney world, all of the times that we watched their movies, watched their cartoons, read their books, been out to Disney world, we bind every devil of fantasy and imagination devils in Jesus name.

The gay daze that when we visited them and all their attractions all of the gay demons that they released into their products, and all of the transforming thinking that they have included in their subliminals in their movies and over television and all of the abominable themes. Everything that has captured the minds of the children and the minds of the adults, all of the psychological things they implanted into our subconscious minds. The computer games, the spells they send through them and through the music we listen to, and the spells through the rock bands and over the internet. All of the violence and the evil and both in Christians that have sold out in some of the shows, and games, and books we bind those up in the name of Jesus. All of the stargates, all of the demonic portals, all of the doorways and the gateways, all of the eye gates, the ear gates, the touch of the gates, the mouth gates, and the mind gates that they’ve used we close all of the gates in the name of Jesus!

All of the chakras we close in Jesus' name. We break all of the ley lines in the name of Jesus. We command every devil that knows our name to go into confusion and we erase their minds and their memories of our address and our family’s address and we command them to go into total confusion and we bind them and cage them in the name of Jesus.

We give you praise God that you said that we could have the mind of Christ. Lord, you have not given us a mind of confusion but you’ve given us a sound mind of love and power. In Jesus' name all religious confusion leave us now.

In Jesus' name every prophecy, every church ministry that we’ve been in that was not of God we bind them. Every false prophet, every false prophetess we bind it. Father in the name of Jesus we release our minds into your care and we command fear to leave us right now in the name of Jesus. All of these spirits that have been named we command that they leave in Jesus' name!

Now open your mouth real big and cough right down from the pit of your stomach. What this means is that you are in agreement with this prayer over your life and they’ll come up. Those spirits will begin to come up and leave. You may have already been yawning while I have been praying for you, but we are not done yet.

We cut all of the cords, all of the yokes, the snares, and the chains. We command all the snake spirits right now, Leviathan we cut all of your seven cords and your tails and we command you to leave. We command kundalini we command your head to be cut off your tails we command you to leave. All of the python spirits we bind you up. You will loose the people we cut you in million pieces and you leave and go into the cage. All of the poisonous snakes we cut you up and we command you to go into the cage.

Father God in Jesus' name every devil that has been named for as long a period of time as you require they must release. If it takes a week then let your power rest upon the people until they are free. We believe you are standing in front of them delivering them because you said you are the deliverer.

Father, we give you the glory in Jesus' name. In your name, we command every devil to leave now, instantly, right this second in Jesus' name. Father, we give you the glory for raising many up in these last days who are equipped to set your people free from electromagnetic witchcraft and who will teach others to go the same.

Father, let your angels war on behalf of these prayers and dear brothers and sisters until they come to pass. Do it for your glory, honor, and praise Father in the mighty name of Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!

As I mentioned earlier, I learned a lot of this information about electronic witchcraft from Pat Holliday. She is with the Lord now, but her material is still available online. She has done much for the kingdom of God and I know she is rejoicing in the presence of the Lord now. Good for her!

Here are some of her websites you can visit:

Miracle Internet Church:

Thanks for watching and please share this teaching with others.

One last thing before you go!

Receive this blessing:

The Lord bless you and keep you;

The Lord make His face shine upon you,

And be gracious to you;

The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,

And give you shalom.



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