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Prophetic Word: Time To Arise My Spiritual Trumps!


Shalom Pillars, I received this prophetic word in December 2016 about the soon to be President Trump and the awakening of the Church that would follow. The Lord told me the shaking would begin in 2020! Not only that, the Lord also told me through this dream that there would be a plague coming to America in 2020 but that He would Passover His people making a distinction between those called His people and those called Not His people. We are living in a time when the Spirit of the Lord is calling on His spiritual Trumps to arise and shine the light of the gospel in this increasing dark and selfish world. This word is intended to stir you and provoke you into a new realm and level of intercession. You have been given the territory in which you are to have dominion and power over as you co-labor with the hosts of heaven sent to assist you. Please consider supporting my ministry with a financial gift today. Smashing Pillars is registered with the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit organization. You can give by PayPal here: PAYPAL Or you can give by Cash App here: CASH APP Thank you always for your faithful support and giving. It means a lot and you are helping others stuck in life become unstuck. Best, Samuel

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