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Prophetic Word: My Intercessors Must Be Willing To Go The Distance

Shalom Pillars, This is a prophetic word I received October 5, 2012. Eight years ago the Lord spoke about this day and hour we are living in concerning terminal diseases and illnesses that He would miraculously heal. He would raise up intercessors who would destroy the strategies of the enemy to keep the people bound by the law of the land or in other words, marshal law. As I said in the previous video we should not be caught off guard by all these things because God has been speaking to His people about this day and also teaching His people how to prepare. This is not the end of the world, but it is the dawning of a new day and everything is changing at an incredible rate of speed. God will still cause you to be ahead of the game. Trust in the Lord like never before and He will deliver you. Best, Samuel

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