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Confrontation produces clarity in the coming war….

There will be witchcraft seen in the Church in ways not experienced prior to our day. Just as the witches and warlocks are coming forward to be seen and heard in the political arena, and in the entertainment industry, we will begin to see blatant and unrestrained idolatry and satanism in the churches throughout the Body of Christ. Sacrifices will take place on the altars of God once again and even be televised for all the world to see. Just as the new generation of politicians have taken over the House of Representatives so now you will see a new generation of preachers come to the forefront of the House of God’s Representatives to declare, “We are here now, and we are the boss. We have the revelation that everyone must adhere to.” Do not laugh it off and do not doubt it, says the Lord. You will weep when you see the abominations that will take place simultaneously across the Church (televised?). What I call My House will become their house of abominations as they bask in the presence of the Evil One and cannot see the depth of their iniquity and transgression because My people would do nothing to stop witchcraft from being taught openly from My pulpits. The witch with deep pockets is always given a voice in My House and many of My sheep are deceived into following her voice. This should not be so.

My people, be wise and prepare for confrontation. You will not turn and run, but you will turn and grow strong and do great exploits, says the Lord. You must not love your life unto death. I am requiring many to live sacrificial lives this day. I will order your footsteps into direct conflict with the flock of Jezebel which she has mingled with My flock. Her witches and warlocks lead My people and teach them to turn their backs to Me. I have called them to conflict by fire and I will make you to be a minister of flames and fires. I will cause you to be a burning plumb line in their midst. I will not pass them by any longer, but through My people, though you, I will confront them and bring their high places down to nothing. I will use confrontation to bring forth a clarity and distinction between My people and the workers of iniquity. My people must begin to teach, preach, and declare the difference between the holy and the profane. Be instant in season and out of season. The greatest war of this lifetime is on the horizon. It is coming and the preachers who prophesy of great peace as a means of gaining wealth at the expense of My people will not be able to stop it this war. They will find themselves surrounded on all sides, and Confrontation, the Celestials sent to co-labor with My watchmen, will call them by name, says the Lord. End.

The following passages of scriptures the Lord led me to share in order to show how the same serpent in Genesis 3:1 is still sowing deception to cause many to fall away. The difference today is that he is doing it from many pulpits in our churches today. I end this post is a portion of teaching by my good friend and anointed teacher, Janice Sturkie.

Daniel 11:29-39, "At the appointed time he shall return and go toward the south; but it shall not be like the former or the latter. 30 "For ships from Cyprus shall come against him; therefore he shall be grieved, and return in rage against the holy covenant, and do [damage]. So he shall return and show regard for those who forsake the holy covenant witches, warlocks, and sorcerers have come out of the closet. God will force His watchmen to come out loud and proud as well. 31 "And forces shall be mustered by him, and they shall defile the sanctuary fortress; then they shall take away the daily [sacrifices], and place [there] the abomination of desolation. 32 "Those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out [great exploits] in other words – great exploits and confrontations. 33 "And those of the people who understand shall instruct many; yet [for many] days they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plundering – believers and prophetic intercessors are being targeted. 34 "Now when they fall, they shall be aided with a little help; but many shall join with them by intrigue (only for the benefit of looking righteous but will flee under pressure). 35 "And [some] of those of understanding shall fall, to refine them, purify [them], and make [them] white, [until] the time of the end; because [it is] still for the appointed time. 36 "Then the king shall do according to his own will: he shall exalt and magnify himself above every god, shall speak blasphemies against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the wrath has been accomplished; for what has been determined shall be done – currently being done through governments around the world simultaneously i.e. after birth abortions. 37 "He shall regard neither the God of his fathers nor the desire of women, nor regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above [them] all. 38 "But in their place he shall honor a god of fortresses; and a god which his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and pleasant things. 39 "Thus he shall act against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god, which he shall acknowledge, [and] advance [its] glory; and he shall cause them to rule over many, and divide the land for gain.

2 Timothy 3:12-13, Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. 13 But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

Imposters means enchanter, sorcerer, seducers, a deceiver, one who hisses or howls incantations in the form of prayers…FROM PULPITS IN CHURCHES!

Enchanter in the OT can mean nachash in Hebrew. The first place we see nachash is Genesis.

Genesis 3:1, Now the serpent ‘nachash’ was more subtle than any animal of the field which the LORD God had made. He said to the woman, "Yes, has God said, 'You shall not eat of any tree of the garden?'"

The root word of nachash means to practice divination, divine, observe signs, learn by experience, diligently observe, practice fortunetelling, and take as an omen; properly, to hiss, i.e. whisper a (magic) spell; generally, to prognosticate:—× certainly, divine, enchanter, (use) × enchantment,

My point? The nachash in Genesis 3:1 is still practicing deception through divination in our day in many pulpits across America. We used to call them fallen stars but now we call them superstars. Refer back to 2 Timothy 3:13.

When will the modern day Maccabees arise and shine?

Your light (revelation of our current day depravity) has come. What are you going to do about it?

The following in italics is a portion of a teaching by Jonathan Cahn. I think it fits this prophetic word of confrontation rapidly approaching us perfectly. Here is the story:

Antiochus Epiphanes rose to the throne as an oppressive and cruel king. (175-163 BC) His name means “God manifest” and he is a foreshadowing of the false messiah at the end of the age. At the time of his reign, many Greek customs had been introduced into Jerusalem and many Jews embraced “Hellenism”. Hellenism was more than just Greek philosophy and society – it was built around the Greek religion. They deified nature, worshiped many mythological gods and there was widespread immorality.

Antiochus was determined to wipe out all Jewish faith and customs. He purposed that the entire kingdom would abandon Judaism and become like the Greeks. The book of Maccabees says many in Israel had turned away from God and went along with it. They profaned the Sabbath, the feast days, built pagan altars and forgot the Law of God. A priest even led the procession into the Temple to strip it of its holy articles. Many were corrupt and had given up the true faith. Those who held onto their faith and refused were put to death, but many joined in the apostasy.

On the 15th day of Kislev, Antiochus Epiphanes burned the Torah scrolls and erected an idol of Zeus, the supreme deity of the Greek pantheon on the holy altar, which has his face on it! On the birthday of Zeus (Dec. 25th), Antiochus offered a pig on the altar.

This apostasy happened from the inside first – by those that should have known better. They weren’t just forced - they let it happen!

But God had a remnant, and when it looked like the entire faith was going to be wiped out one single righteous man rose up. It is through his actions and those that joined themselves with him that we see a model for us today.

Daniel prophesied this first abomination of desolation but Jesus says there is going to be another one. (Matt 24). There is a link between Hanukkah and the Book of Revelation, which tells us what is going to happen in the future and in fact, what is beginning to happen now.

During the Maccabean era, many had turned away from God and given up their faith.

The majority was corrupt. The priesthood was being bought and sold. They took their own treasures and gave them away to bribe the nations. Is this sounding familiar? Are we giving up the treasures of God for the ways of the world? Using the gifts of God for worldly gain? Putting the things of the world above the ways of God; making God a way to prosperity; trusting money and man????

In America, there has been a great falling away. God’s people have allowed it to happen. Some churches are not just condoning immorality, they are ordaining it! A national association of Evangelicals came out for unions for gay marriages! I guess I am used to hearing about some of the historical, denominational churches but I was shocked when I heard an evangelical association had done so, too!

It happened from the inside first – by those who should have known better – they weren’t forced, they let it happen, just like in the Temple. There is a massive turning away from God today. The Supreme Court has struck down every anti-sodomy law. Over 40% of America thinks there should be homosexual marriage, and that figure is probably over a year old!

Daniel 7:7 prophesies the anti – Christ, the 4th beast. He says he was “different” – “diverse”. In Hebrew the word is שנא (shenah), it means ‘altered’ or ‘changed’. Daniel can’t even name an animal for the 4th beast. The end time culture, which we have entered into, will have the nature of being unnatural. Things that go against nature. “He shall speak things against the Most High and wear out the saints. He will change times.”

At the time of the first abomination, there was one righteous - Mattathias who saw the blasphemies and said, “Why was I born to see this? To see the ruin of my sanctuary and my city and God’s house given over to aliens”? He put on sackcloth and ashes. Others accepted the blasphemies. They said we’ve got to go along, this is a new normal; I’ve resigned myself to it. But Mattathias wept and grieved and kept himself pure. He and his five sons with him - and God used them to bring redemption!

We cannot get used to this age of sin, immorality, and compromise. We are not to shrug our shoulders but we are to hold on to what is right. We will not be moved, bent or twisted. Wrong is wrong, right is right. If we can’t say that then how can we declare the gospel? Wrong is sin and Jesus died for it. We cannot care what the culture says. We must not be intimidated by evil but see with His eyes, be moved by His Spirit and act in love. Even if EVERYONE turns, we shall not. Mattathias cannot co-exist with evil anymore. We must come to the point where we say ‘enough!’ - first with my own compromise. Enough with double-mindedness and caring what people think. Live what I believe. It’s all or nothing. I will not be intimidated or compromise or go along with evil. Remember the song, “Though none go with me, still I will follow”? We should sing it and mean it, but like Mattathias….find those that will go with you, hook your shields and lead, AS ONE.

Mattathias cried out and said let everyone who is zealous for the law come out with me. They separated from the world and from the age. They went to the hills. The rest of the people were too corrupted to be a light. We must come out. We must say, "I will wean myself away from that."

As the Ecclesia we are the called out ones. We must manifest the Light and manifest in power. The dark will get darker. Light must get lighter. The world says today, “Boy Scouts, you don’t do this, we’ll cut you off”. Our response must be, “Go ahead! I cannot do otherwise”.

End time believer you must take your stand. Not that we are holier than thou. It’s about being with God in His holiness. Separate from the ways of the world. There is no other way. They separated from evil to overcome evil. We have to separate from the age, get free from the problem so we can become the answer. We must be independent from culture and economy and ‘strangers in the world’ - dependent on God and independent of the world. Spread salvation and the gospel of the Kingdom - shine and touch the world. Be free of the world so you can overcome it.

The Maccabees left everything behind to be used of God. He is looking for the Spiritual Maccabees today. “…For such a time as this!”

Do not fear confrontation…run to it…

Father, let the same spirit that was upon Mattathias and his sons be upon us today also! In Jesus name, I pray. Amen!

Receive this blessing:

The Lord bless you and keep you;

The Lord make His face shine upon you,

And be gracious to you;

The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,

And give you peace.

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