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A Call to Intercessors: Blessed Are Your Eyes!

Shalom Pillars,

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, WHOA! We are about to see God move in a mighty way and the very foundation of our great nation will be shaken. We intercessors must pray for the leadership of our country beginning with the president, his family, cabinet, and advisors. They are marked men and women, but then so are we believers. No weapon formed against you will prosper!

In the days ahead, what will begin to come to the forefront of the news to be exposed will shock even the most seasoned federal prosecutors. News anchors will weep on live television. The entire investigation of collusion currently being reported on the news in its entirety is a distraction from the real crime that runs deep within the foundation of the country. It must be exposed and torn down so that our nation can be reborn and rebuilt. Guard your hearts. Let the Word of God be true and every man a liar. We will rise again! Healing will finally come to our great nation! Thank you, Lord!

This morning I received a visitation in a vision during intercession. An Angel appeared and placed a set of virtual reality glasses on me, but they were transparent. They look like safety goggles. The Angel said the following:

Can a country be re-born in a day? Can a nation be delivered in an instant? You will be amazed when you do see it happen in your day.

Be prepared, an onslaught of deception is coming. There is a storm of deception coming and once it hits it will be too late for many who did not cover and guard their sight to navigate the storm with clarity. Those who do not regard this word will be blinded by the deluge of deception being prepared to be unleashed over the masses. They call it their “new thing” that will cause “old things” to pass away. It is a perversion of My truth.

Do not fear, you will stand and not waiver in the storm of deception released by political powers using occult and satanic means. This is a national tragedy, but it is employed by dimensional and global agents. Vehicles of news media, entertainment, social media, frequencies, sound-waves, and recreational drugs, will be employed using technologies not previously known to the public, nor to man for that matter. These programs and algorithms are demonic in nature and will be implemented without really knowing what the final effects will be because they have never been used before now. They will unlock gates and pathways which are not meant to be opened.

The main target of this storm will be My prophetic intercessors and covenant enforcers. You are a threat to these enemies of state and they are trembling. They hear the shout of the King of kings being released through you, intercessor. You have been effectual, availing much and advancing My kingdom. Therefore, do not fear, I will not leave you nor forsake you, but I will help you and deliver you from the storm, says the Lord.

I tell you now before it happens and when it does happen, I will cause you, intercessor, to grow strong in My wisdom and in the power of My might. You will become a threshing-sledge with sharp teeth. I will increase your understanding and discernment to comprehend what the enemy is secretly conspiring to do, and you will thrash and destroy the strategies of the enemy intended to deceive the masses and make them like chaff.

I will release my intercessors to preemptively rebuke the storms of deception and cause them to dissipate. The Spirit of God is now hovering over the face of the deep. Deep is calling unto deep. My intercessors are about to open the heavens over the masses and cause a clarity to come to this great nation, and America will begin to sing the song of reconciliation. This will be the greatest disappointment yet to the race baiters who scream and shout, “God is judging America!” while waving their hands in the air soaked in innocent blood, they divide the nation I called to be one under God.

Watch, says the Spirit of the Lord, as I whistle for the captives and gather them out of the accusing red wave and the raging blue wave. I will call them out, but some I will not remove from their positions of authority and power. I will open their eyes to see and they will be blessed because they see. They will sing a new song and decree My now words through the government I will give into their hands.

Unity will be forged out of the national waves of chaos, and division and an amber wave of grain will begin to break forth from within you, America. The fruit of your intercession will be justice, but judgment will be Jezebel's portion and her false prophets will know that I am for you and have not forsaken you. I am not with her. I am not for her. The traitors will see it with their own eyes and know that God still sheds His grace on thee, America. And in their presence, I will crown your good with brotherhood, a banner that will stretch over you from sea to shining sea. Even now the Spirit of God hovers over the face of the waters. Is anything too hard for God?

Watch, says the Spirit of the Lord, I am working behind the scenes in government and preparing to prune many branches. I will even do away with unfruitful branches in government designed to fleece medical coffers and the people; no man will stop me. The current spiritual warfare and the impending troubles that your enemies within you are currently planning and colluding with each other to bring upon you, America, will be turned around and used to bring forth a heavenly momentum and flow that will break through all the obstruction and stonewalling currently being done. And, O, the man, who does not know when to stop and when to hold his peace, he will be given over to his virtual reality. I have positioned him and will checkmate him. In the twinkling of an eye, the measure he used will be measured back to him.

I have planted spies among them to record and expose their ungodly and repulsive practices. They do not know that Consequence, a celestial spirit from heaven, has been instructed to bind them. Ill-will, he has also been sent to turn them against each other, and a lying spirit he will be in their mouths. My spies will come forth at the appropriate time and perched on every branch of government, they will begin to sing like canaries. Their songs will be written and not undone nor technically manipulated. Like cured concrete, their songs will be forever set in stone, stone of the same nature I first gave to Moses.

By faith, My intercessors will call it forth, substance and evidence will cause it to manifest unhindered. This will be My gift to the people because without My intervention the shift to realign governmental authority and power cannot fully be completed. I will even deal with the dark matter accessed through realms forbidden to man and prove that I still rule over all thing and all realms.

I will cause shorelines to recede to expose what is being concealed beyond the bank$, offshore. What they think is done in secret and safely concealed, untouchable and untraceable, I will transfer with the stroke of a key, and with a code, I will lock them out.

What they intended for evil, I will turn around and use for your good. And again, I say, I will crown your good with brotherhood, America, that you might continue being the land of the free and the home of the brave. I have place My intercessors on your walls and they will not be moved.

Brace yourself for the storm is coming, but it will pass before you can make new resolutions, says the Spirit of God.

Lord, be it unto America according to Your word! Amen!

Receive this blessing:

The Lord bless you and keep you;

The Lord make His face shine upon you,

And be gracious to you;

The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,

And give you Shalom.



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