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Creve, Haiti Outreach

Shalom Pillars!

I wanted to report back to you about my recent ministry trip to Bethel Baptist Mission in Creve, Haiti, July 14 - 25. I was invited to be a part of a team from Texas and Louisiana that would assist Bethel to fulfill the Great Commission by facilitating sports events to provide evangelism opportunities, vacation bible school (VBS), bible studies, leadership and pastoral training and equipping classes, nightly evangelistic crusades and many other opportunities the Lord provided by the Spirit.

We were able to minister firsthand to people living in multi-generational poverty and poverty mindedness. I saw in the spirit many yokes of poverty broken off of people, deliverances, impartations and prophetic activations as the Lord had me minister throughout my days there. He is positioning and preparing the people for opportunities to prosper in many ways. God is so good.

Haiti is the third poorest country in Western hemisphere and the third hungriest country in the world. It was an experience to live there with the people and be a part of their lives for at least 12 days. The earthquake in 2010, and hurricane Matthew last year, has left the country devastated. Much of the infrastructure has been damaged if not totally destroyed, which made getting to our destination an adventure.

We flew into Port Au Prince and stayed there for the night. The next day we flew in a small ten seater plane to the far northwestern side of the island. We landed on the ground, literally, by the seaside. From there, we loaded our luggage onto two trucks, hopped in the back and began our hour and a half road trip to Creve, Haiti!

The VBS was an awesome experience. Bethel has been providing the VBS for over 30 years. Over the years it has grown from one location to several locations in the surrounding towns. Pastor Francois Norcilus is the founder of Bethel Baptist Mission. He has such a heart for the people of Creve and has answered the call of God to father the people there. The community definitely view him as such. I partnered with Mary Joe Cason of Forney at the Bethel location to present the gospel in various ways to children there of all ages. We also assisted with feeding the children and also with preparing gift bags given to the children and teachers on the last day of the VBS. Pastor Francois was our interpreter for the week so it was an honor to work with the founder of the organization for the whole week. What a great blessing.

Many of you were interceding for the team I was with the whole time we were in Haiti and it made a difference! Several of you texted, emailed and called to check on us and you are much appreciated for doing that. Thank you! There was such a tangible presence of Lord with us the whole time we were there. Again, thank you so much for all the support. You may have not been there in Haiti with us, but you get the same reward for the support and intercession you provide. It is just as important and the Lord will bless you for it.

I also want to thank Bradley Young of Tyler, Texas (pictured with me blow) for inviting me to join him on the trip. It was a joy and blessing to travel with him and minister alongside him. Thank you Brad!

There so many testimonies and stories to share that I would have to write a book to tell them all to you. So instead, I created the video below. It is a compilation of the pictures and video clips of the trip to give you a view of the trip from beginning to end. It is a little long, but it wasn’t easy fitting 12 days of ministry into a few minutes of video! My hope is this video will take you there to experience the people and Haiti as much as possible, the way I experienced them.

Keep your prophetic eyes and ears on Haiti and the Haitian people. God is about move there in a mighty way. He has been positioning the people for a great outpouring of His Spirit and all things will be possible for them once again…it’s time.

One last time, thank you for your support and prayers! Enjoy the video!


Smashing Pillars….raising sons…

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