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Call to Intercession: Breaker of Dawn Ministries International

Shalom Pillars!

This is a call to intercession and support for Breaker of Dawn Ministries International. They are currently in Israel with 42 future leaders of the world. I had the pleasure and blessing of getting to know Papa Jerry and Mama Judy at the Ignite Ivy Retreat Boston 2015.

Above is short clip of worship during the retreat with Mama Judy encouraging and exhorting the students.

The Lord is using Papa Jerry and Mama Judy mightily on college campuses across America. I have listed their current prayer requests below and a prophetic word the had me release over them and the group they have with them in Israel. For more on their ministry or to support them financially, go to: Breaker of Dawn Prayer Request

Please pray for us as we go to Israel with 41 students with the Passages Israel program.

Please pray:

Strength Safe travel Protection for them and their families. We ask especially for Josiah and our brother Doyt. Revelation, transformation and a walk with God Health Divine appointments And safe travels home June 29 Please also pray for: Clinton Scroggins, Breaker assistant Sharon Gilbert, Breaker board Jeremy Collins, Our Jewish young guide For two Passages fellows who have gone to Israel before: Nahshon Garrett and Ariel Bryant.

Thank you! Christ is All, Jerry & Judy Ball

Breaker of Dawn Ministries International is an international ministry focused around intercession and equipping believers to walk in the fullness of the Father's design for their lives. Breaker of Dawn was founded by Jerry & Judy Ball. Their calling extends to America, Israel, college campuses, and the nations of the earth.

Jerry and Judy Ball were called to minister to Israel in 1995. Since then they have taken over 20 teams to intercede for the nation, including in recent years, students from campuses of America. They strategically travel to cities and the borders to pray. They also minister to many congregations and prayer ministries in the Land.

Papa Jerry and Mama Judy

Papa Jerry and Mama Judy are so thankful to see 42 young adults so mature in Christ, so hungry to know him and to know the biblical world view of Israel. We are so thankful for your prayers for this group of world leaders.

06-22-17 Judy & Jerry Ball and the 42 students in Israel 9:00 AM This morning as I was interceding, the Lord said, I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven that is within them…the heart. When they turn to go from Zion I will give them another heart, and all things I told them would take place will come to pass, and very quickly will I do the work in them. They came knowing, wondering, questioning and some even by stealth, to prove that Zion is not Chosen, but as Saul was changed to Paul and received a different view of all things, so will the most unbelieving and liberal of heart in the 42 will be changed into another person, and the least of all expected will burn with zeal for their new found Father’s heart and homeland.

I then I saw the Lord walking through the fields of thorns and thistles, and as He walked by, He ran His hands across the tops of them, and they were changed into grainfields, ripe with heads of grain. The Lord said their hearts will go back full, and they will become the forerunners of something the enemy does not see coming to the colleges across America. They will go back and teach the people to know and walk with the Ancient of Days, and they will know Him, and He walk with them, and they will grow strong, and they will begin to do great exploits, and they will speak, and I will do it, and they will decree, and it will manifest, and they will declare, and I will establish it, and I will be their God, and they will be my students, and I will strike the enemy, and crush his skull, and I will do it by the very children called to righteousness which he has taken hostage, and their heels will I use to break the shackles off the youth of America. Look, watch and see! There is a Boys and Girls Club of America, but there is a movement coming to the forefront of America, and it will be known as the Boys and Girls Movement of America, and the Spirit of Liberty and Freedom will crush the religious spirit taskmasters controlling the sheep pens, for these are not ashamed to dance and shout and proclaim who they are in Me. I am bringing them out of their closets, but not out of a closet of shame or fear, but out of their closets of intercession. They are intercessors from birth and even in the womb I was with them forming and instructing them. I birthed them once, and I will birth them again, and the wisdom coming out of the mouth of these babes will cause the seasoned and rooted to envy and covet them. I say to you, Do not touch them, do them no harm! Take them in and provide a platform for them, for this is your time to lift them up, and this is your time to propel them. Let My people go! This is the cry of their hearts and they will dance the dance of David, and the grave clothes will fall off of My Bride that she so proudly wears. This should not be so.

So the Lord says to you Judy and Jerry, there are ideas, concepts and insights being downloaded into the group you have, and much of it through dreams they are receiving there. Many of them are dreaming and being visited by the spirits being assigned to them in Zion. They will begin to flow in the gifts as easy as the light comes on when the switch is flipped. They will all receive forerunner hearts, zeal, passion and fire to purify the hearts of their generation through the technology they specialize and major in. The Lord said the group is a very tech savvy group and they are discovering their purpose and destiny. This is causing a flood of idea to come forth out of the 42 gates and doors you have with you.


Watch this group because they are the Breakers of Yahweh’s Dawning New Day Generation!

Well done! Thank you for not giving up when others gave up! Thank you for believing, says the Lord, even when others did not. Thank you for standing as a modern day Abram and Sarai because now you stand as a modern day

Abraham and Sarah and I AM is birthing much Promise through your faithfulness now. You believed you would receive and you will receive even what you did not asked for because you proved your God right, says the Lord!

Blessings, favor and His shalom to you! Samuel


Visit them with Your presence and glory. Establish everlasting relationships for them in their group and in Israel. As they turn to return home, give them new hearts filled with vision, purpose and destiny in Yeshua.

In Yeshua's name.

Shalom Shalom!