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You Are Strategically Positioned

The troubling in your life is of the Lord. The Lord is troubling you out of your “self”, out of your situation and out of your religious mindset. It is time to unlearn some things in order to enter into His rest, His Shalom, that the yokes of chaos would finally be broken off of your life, you would overcome and retain the victory you are about to encounter not many days from now.

God has been moving you, and planting you, in strategic ways and places, which has caused some things to not workout the way you thought they would, but know as you purposed to keep your heart upright before the Lord, even when you do not understand why things turned out the way they did, or when it looked like He purposely misled you to do something that seems to have been unfruitful, that all along He has been strategically moving, planting and positioning you to prosper and to have good success. I AM has been positioning you for, and making a way to, receive your breakthrough.

Then I saw a vision of the Lord’s backside. I saw the stripes on His back, and He began to approach peoples and individuals. He took the stripes off of His back and began to place them on the shoulders of those who kept their hearts upright before Him, as He troubled them into the new places and ranks He prepared for them to have influence in. The shoulder marks they now had on their shoulders indicating the rank and power each people and individual now walked in were the very same marks off the back of Yeshua. Then I heard Him say to them all, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You were faithful over a few things; I will put you over much. Come, share the joy of your Master!’

Then I heard the Lord saying there is an ease and effortlessness you will begin to experience. You will especially notice it in the things you have been struggling to achieve and bring to completion. There is an oiling of the Holy Spirit, an anointing, that will be like oil on rusty wheels and bike chains. You are going move and complete assignments from the Lord will little effort on your part. In other words, you are about to reap in fields you did not plow or plant because the Lord Himself has gone before you to be your Boaz, and He has instructed the fields before you to overwhelm you with His joy. His government is now on your shoulders to make it on earth as it is in heaven. Be encouraged. The Lord is very pleased with you.


Smashing Pillars….raising sons…

If this ministry has blessed and encouraged you, please sow a seed into the word you have received and be blessed! Thank you for supporting this ministry. Smashing Pillars, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. I appreciate you and pray for you daily and for the seed you have sown.

Again, thank you for supporting SPI. If you prefer to mail in a donation, tithe or offering, please send it to: Smashing Pillars International 14403 Walters Rd, #681601, Houston, Texas 77014

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