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Ministry Update: Tyler, Texas

Shalom Pillars Of God,

Many of you know I was in Tyler, Texas over the weekend to minister in a home meeting. The Lord is doing a new thing in Tyler and the State of Texas. The people are responding passionately to the move of the Spirit and it is an awesome site to see. A big thank you to Brad for opening his home for the meeting. The Lord was very present and was a great blessing to all who attended. Not one person left without receiving a power impartation from the Lord. Brad and I ministered to several people Friday night and Saturday morning before the meeting as well and without fail the Lord blessed them all.

Many of you may have heard about the three tornados that struck there in nearby Canton Saturday night about the same time we were meeting. Please remember the families affected. It was pretty devastating for them, but the Lord is good and will use this somehow for His glory and their good.

Sunday morning I was in Rusk, Texas at River of Life Church to see my great friends, Pastors Randy and Vickie Sparks. They are a HUGE blessing to the body of Christ in the church and in the prison. They opened the door to prison ministry for me in 2013 and are precious and dear friends in the Lord. Stop by and visit them if you are ever in Rusk. They will make you feel at home and bless you when you leave.

Next on the itinerary is the Men of Fire Conference – Spring 2017 Conference this Friday and Saturday at 4 Corners Conference Center! I’ll be sending out more information on the conference later this morning, so keep an eye out for it and come join us. I am excited about what God is doing with men in the Church today so it is a great honor to be a part of this event.

As always, thanks so much for all the support and prayers. You are the people of God who make it all possible. Without your support and prayers it would not be possible so thank you. Lives are being touched and your support is making a difference. The Lord bless and multiply the seed you’ve sow and increase the fruits of your righteousness!

Receive this blessing:

Blessed are you by God Most High,

Creator of heaven and earth.

And blessed by God Most High,

Who has defeated your enemies for you!



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