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Dreamed a tornado landed on head of the nation...

03-16-17 Dream – Tornado out of sky lands on head of the nation

I woke from this dream about 2:30 am this morning. I started typing the dream, but finished it as a prophetic word. I can’t recall the end of the dream. The dream speaks of the president, but it also speaks to intercessors. So please keep that in mind, dear intercessor.

I saw President Trump surrounded on all sides by threats of all natures and levels, but he stood still in the midst of it all pondering all his options. Suddenly, a purple-blueish tornado came down out of the sky and landed directly on top of him. His eyes were shut tight so that he could not see with them. I was afraid for him at first, but I saw that the tornado did not destroy nor harm him, neither did it move him, not even a hair on his head.

As I entered the tornado, I saw President Trump standing in the glory of God, and Yahweh standing at his side saying, open your eyes and see! The President opened his eyes and saw he was in a pillar of cloud and fire, with Yahweh at his side. Then I heard Yahweh say to him, Do you see how they gather around you wailing and gnashing their teeth at Me? They do not gnash their teeth at you, but they gnash their teeth at the One who has sent you. They blaspheme My Spirit so do not be offended nor wounded by what they say. By their own words will they be condemned.

Then I saw the Lord take His Word and put it in the President’s mouth, and it was as honey going down deep into his inner most being, healing every wound and bruise, but on the outside the honey dripped from his lips, and it was as honey dripping from a beehive that had been struck with a stick. Then the Lord began to show the President the true condition of America, and in the Spirit he saw the intent of the enemies from within her borders and dimensions. He revealed these things to him from Yahweh’s perspective from within the pillar of cloud and fire, and from within the glory cloud.

The Lord began to teach him how to walk in the glory cloud; how to access it, manifest it, and how to speak from out of it, and into the things below. His eyes were opened to see by the Spirit, and to know the plans and strategies of the enemy, who is not covered with flesh and blood as a man, and he began to understand and to see no matter how high the powers enthroned against him were, they still were all beneath his feet.

Then, as he began to understand what he was being shown on earth, his anger was roused against wickedness being practice from positions of power, rank and file, and pied pipers who are the molesters from behind smoke and mirrors presented to the weak and poor, the yokes and shackles of the nation were revealed to him and great was his anger toward wickedness in the earth.

I saw Holy Spirit teaching him what he ought to say and how to say it, and as he spoke a word out of the cloud and into the earth, it was as a sharp sword going forth and dividing the two; light from darkness. It was to those in the light the same honey that went into his inner most being, it went into the inner most being of the nation, to all called the people of light and they were all healed, but to the others who were called the people in darkness, to them it was a bitter honey and stinging words, and they were all wailing and gnashing their teeth as they ate their own words which they previously railed at him and the people of light, and they did not know nor did they perceive that they had blasphemed the Holy Spirit of Yahweh.

Then He turned to the President and said, Do not be fooled, and do not swayed, I am not mocked and thus you shall not be mocked also. You have seen what I have done to those who refuse to turn from wickedness, and what I’ve done to those who walk in the light. Now go and do the same, teach the difference between the holy and profane, and I will keep and establish you in the gate of My house, to reveal to you My ways and means, and the currency of heaven will manifest in this nation, not gold coin, and not bitcoin, but a third currency will soon begin its manifestation. And I will out pour from high above, and deep down below, it will be the vehicle that will drive the ever prophesied, and yet to be seen, it is the Day of Great Transference of Wealth, moving forward and at full steam.

I tell My people now, before it comes to pass, get yourselves together, do not let this window pass, and I will fund your vision, and I will finance the call, only build the vehicle according the plans I have revealed. I do not seek perfection, nor the greatest of all. I only seek obedience in answer to My call. Your time is rapidly approaching. My people, time to build! The vehicle! The vehicle! See it high! See it lifted up upon My holy hill! And the nations will rage and the nations will fight, but who is like the Lord and who can withstand His might? For the altar has been set and the vessels made pure. Assuredly, assuredly, I tell you the truth: Stick to the plan My people and prevail, for the funding of all lies deep, deep within the shale. It is vast and it is greater than you now can see and know. Tighten your grip and prepare to fight for its liberty, again I say, you must hold fast, and do not let this window pass. My people! My people! Time to build! The vehicle! The vehicle! High and lifted up on My Holy Hill! Lay the capstone and lay the cornerstone, then the Temple for all to see. My people! My people! Quickly I come to be with thee, says the Lord.

End of prophecy.

I would like to share something about the portion where the president was in the pillar of cloud and fire. I saw him there, but I saw many faces flashing on his face as Holy Spirit was teaching him how to speak, decree and declare, from within the glory. The Lord said to me that many are having this experience like I saw in the dream. Many are God’s faithful intercessors, but others are like Enoch, because they walk with God in such intimacy, God is about to take them and many others into realms of glory to receive new keys to the kingdom – access to authority and greater power to be released upon the earth. Revelation knowledge about the kingdom of heaven which has yet to be revealed will begin to come forth and to be established upon the earth by those who walk with God and are known by God, but who are not known by man.

I want encourage all the intercessors – You Are Making A Difference! Don’t be moved by the seeing of your eyes, nor the hearing of your ears. It’s all very fake news out there competing for your attention. Listen to the Spirit of Truth residing inside of each of you. Pay the price, whatever the cost. If He is calling you, do not allow yourself to be distracted or pulled out of place. Press into His presence and wait upon Him. I am praying for you. I’m praying for your families, businesses and your ministries. That is my assignment, to pray for the intercessors. I pray for restoration of things lost and stolen by the enemy because you are an intercessor. I break every assignment of revenge, retaliation and backlash of the enemy. I break the cords associated with these works and release you into your breakthrough for the glory of God! I release the angelic hosts to go and gather all blessings that have been withheld and bring it into your hands now.

Now receive this blessing:

I bless you with the Father’s blessing.

You are blessed by God Most High,

Creator of heaven and earth.

I bless the God Most High,

Who has defeated your enemies for you!



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