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American Rising

Dreamed on March 2, 201 – Pride comes before the fall

I saw the previous president walking down a sidewalk with his gaze set intently in the distance ahead of him. I was standing on the sidewalk directly across a large road. I looked to my right to see what he was so fixated on. I saw the road between us led directly to the front of the Whitehouse. He was wearing a brand new suit to give him the appearance of being president and the expression on his face revealed his intention was to somehow reassume his position of power. I had a knowing in the dream that this was the day he was going to make his move and all things had been positioned for his reentry into Washington to make his grand calculated and strategic move. He never took his eyes off his target destination long enough to notice the sidewalk just ahead of him suddenly crack and separate with a loud boom. Becoming uneven, it caused him to trip and fall. He was walking so fast and aggressively that when he fell he flew forward through the air. He purposely pulled his hands and feet back in midair to avoid breaking his fall with them and instead fell hard onto the sidewalk on his elbows, knees and chin, scraping the flesh away from all five areas he fell on, leaving shattered bone exposed and ruining his suit, rendering him unable to rise back onto his feet to complete his mission. His lust for power, to be worshiped, covered and sealed with pride, made him totally blind to the fall that was just before him. End of dream.


As I prayed over this dream and pondered it for the last few days the Lord began to reveal the fast of the Church in America is the fast He has chosen, divinely inspired. The Lords says, America! America! Watch and see as you are once again referred to as the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave! Watch as I simultaneously expose the consorted corruption, structured and aligned, against My Celebrity Apprentice. His fame, beauty and splendor is of Me, which I have bestowed upon him. Even if I had told you beforehand that I would call him and anoint him to be the next leader of the free world, you would not have believed it, even if you had heard it with your own two ears. Align yourself with him and be properly aligned with Me, says the Lord. Align yourselves with those who are aligned with Me and My purposes and so shall you prosper. Align yourselves with My people, Israel, and you will be blessed! Bless Israel, do not curse, and the curse of the firstborn will not be your portion! I say to you, do not cast your crown to the ground and miss this one window of opportunity extended to you.

The symbolism in the dream means the Esther Fast in America has cracked and broken the path and plans of the enemy to overthrow the move of God in America. The Lord says, this too shall not be so. The fasting and intercession of My people has prevented and hindered many planned catastrophes from being brought to completion and manifestation. The last and final part in this plan of the enemy has been broken today. The manifestation of the defeat of the enemy will begin now. I will begin to bring to the surface deep and wicked corruption, rooted in untold and vile darkness. I will pull it up by its roots and reveal the heads they are attached to. The bare bones of this matter will be dealt with. There will come revelation from outside your realm of knowledge, and from the South will the key be given to open the door of understanding of this world wide web of corruption driven by sequences and codes, which I will expose, says the Lord. Hearts will fail and reputations will fall as thrones are shaken. I cast the lot and determine the outcome of the throw! Can you hear the breaking of the enemy’s bow?

By the pride of one man a nation has fallen, but by the faith of another that nation will rise again. Determined and deceived he would not relent until arms and legs are all broken and bent, taking one on the chin, his power and all authority is now once and for all spent. I, the Lord, I do these things beforehand, and after these come to pass, I will uncover the imposters and hypocrites among My people. Faiths will be shaken and promises broken, but I will heal the wound of this nation by the vehicle of reconciliation for the manifestation of reformation. It will be a perpetual thing I will do. By faith these things are framed. By faith, I will remove the pain of a divided nation rooted in pass grievances. I will cut a cord to the past and cause a new sound to come forth from a people once oppressed and offended because the blood of their ancestors once drenched this land. I will put a new song in their hearts singing – This land is your land! This land is my land! This land was made for you and me! We are one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

The Lord reveals in the dream purposely falling on elbows and knees is symbolic of concealing identities by not leaving hand and foot prints, but the flesh being torn away to reveal bloody broken bones is where the connection will be uncovered and revealed because the true identity of a man is in the blood, the very DNA. The Lord says, I allowed them to believe they concealed all things, but the very DNA of it I kept secret. I will expose complicated structures devised to conceal a matter, two, three and even an untold number of violations will be traced and properly connected to the responsible parties. From one branch to another, I will reveal how each worked and is jointly fit together, each doing his own part. I allowed them to believe footprint nor handprint could be found of them, but the source is found in the software, the very DNA of the matter, is what I will expose from under their very nose. In a memory stick, something not forgotten, a nation will be set free to break forth in Holy Jubilee.

I, the Lord, will do all these things because a nation humbled herself by fasting and praying, determined to turn from wicked ways, the few will become many. Watch as I bless and multiply this seed you have sown and I will increase the fruits of your righteousness America, land of the free and home of the brave, says the Lord. End.


Only say the word and we shall be healed!




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