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Prophetic Word: The Coming Storm...Deception

I receive this vision and prophetic word interpreting the vision five years ago. The Lord is having me release it again because it applies to the days we are now living.

12-14-12 The Coming Storm…Deception

While driving to work Friday morning I had a vision. It’s mind blowing because I was conscious of driving, but at the same time, I was with the Lord standing in what looked like a balcony in the clouds looking down on the earth. He said, do not fear the darkness that will cover the earth and do not be afraid of the gross darkness that is coming upon the people for My people will stand in My glory and not be moved.

Then He said, look and see what is coming upon the earth and I saw far off to the west a storm brewing and it was like a dark cloud growing darker. Then I looked far off to the east I saw a multitude of people standing. I saw every nation and tongue represented in the multitude and they were all with their hands up in the air. They seemed to be worshiping and some seemed to be praying, but I had a knowing they were not all seeking and praying to the one and only true God, Jehovah-Jireh.

Then I saw the Lord walking among the multitude and at times He would stop in front of someone, stoop down and write something on the ground in front of the person. The Lord continued doing this until He had gone through the whole multitude and wrote on the ground in front of those He recognized. As I desired to see what He was writing, I suddenly found myself among the multitude with Jesus. I saw Him writing, IT IS WRITTEN in front of the ones He knew, but the ground where He wrote on with His finger was solid stone.

Then we were standing in the balcony again and He pointed to the dark cloud to the west and said, do you see the coming storm? The storm then began to move to the east and there was a front going before it and it was gray, but the storm itself was like a black cloud; pitch black. It was void of all light. I saw the power of destruction in the storm and it seemed to be in a rage as it whirled and hurled itself toward the multitude. The gray front was moving faster and faster toward the multitude and the system followed closed behind it.

The Lord said, deception has been at work on the earth, but there is a deception coming that will seem to be unhindered and unrestrained, but I cause what the enemy is planning for evil to be used for the good for those who call themselves by My name. So do not fear what is about to show itself on the earth with a pride and arrogance that is appalling and blasphemous because it will not prevail over My people. The Lord said, the alms and prayers of My people have come before Me for a memorial and I will remember them. What I will do for My people in this day on the earth will be told to many for a memorial of My great love and compassion towards them.

And I saw a great multitude of stone pillars coming out of heaven. They were 30 feet tall, 10 feet wide and 4 feet deep, and they came down to the earth and stood on the words IT IS WRITTEN in front of the ones the Lord knew, and the stones stood between them and the coming storm.

Then the Lord said, Samuel, if a man hears My words and does them let Me show you what that man is like. Then He said, but I will also show what becomes of the man who hears My words and does not do them. Then the storm front hit and covered the whole multitude and the winds began to cause people to stubble and fall. I saw them tumbling on the ground in what seemed to be mud, muck and mire and they were glad to be covered in it. They cried out even more as if this was their god manifesting or answering their prayers, but the people of God were not moved because they were standing in the shadow behind the stones that stood before them; their clothes were not ruffled by the wind, not even the hair on their heads was blown out of place.

When the full force of the storm hit, they were carried away because they could not withstand its powerful force. I saw many structures they built being destroyed and blown to pieces instantly by the storm and the people who built them were being carried away in the debris, but I saw the people of God standing behind the stones in the midst of the storm and they were not moved by what they saw with their eyes, neither were they moved by what they heard with their ears, but they kept their faces and hands lifted up to heaven. As they did this they were transformed into pillars of cloud and fire, and light shined from them to all who were in the winds and their eyes were opened to see their deception and in their distress they cried out to the Lord for mercy and He heard them. Then they stepped out of the winds into the shadows behind the stones and were saved from the destruction of the storm, but others still hardened their hearts and reject the truth and they seemed to go insane. They began to transform and become disfigured in their facial features.

The winds continued tossing them back and forth as they mocked God’s people for not joining them in the winds. I reached out to them wanting to warn them of their deception, but the Lord would not allow me to. He said, because they heard My words and rejected them they have no root in them and so they are carried away by every wind of doctrine because I have given them up to strong delusion. They will believe only what allows them to satisfy the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life.

Then I saw the insane ones standing in the midst of the winds and not be blown over by its power, but they now had the ability to walk in it as Jesus walked on water. They approached the people standing by the pillars, but they would not step into the shadow of the pillar because they were not allowed to. They began to open their mouths to speak and many winds came out of their mouths, but I saw few of God’s people respond because they did not know how. Some began to listen to what was being said and seemed come under the power of what they were hearing. They wanted to step out of the shadow of the pillar, but others would shake them until they realized what they were doing and stepped back further away from the insane ones and the Lord grieved about what we saw. He said, My people must learn what they are about to encounter.

He said, these demons will preach with power and persuasive words and they will confirm their words with lying signs and wonders deceiving many. My people are not ready to encounter this level of deception because they do not know what My word says about it. Therefore, they do not walk in the authority needed to rule over and take dominion from these deceiving spirits. Their principle objective is to get believers to doubt what they believe by proving to them that they cannot defend what they say they believe and what they think they know in My Word.

My Word is forever settled in heaven and if My people know My Word, and abide in it, then My Word abides in them. They will know the truth and will not be moved by the doctrines of demons this storm system is bringing. My Word is the power of God spoken and it brings salvation to all who receive them. There is a storm coming and it is a storm of deception such as never been seen until this day and My people must prepare themselves. They must know why they believe what they believe and they must be prepared to explain why they know it is the truth or they will be seduced and overcome with doubt and unbelief. I will raise up among them pillars of truth.

I will raise up among them pillars of revelation, My prophets to prophesy of the plans and works of the enemy, and I will raise up among them pillars of righteousness to teach the people, and My people will do great exploits for Me and they will destroy the works of the enemy and bring Me great glory and honor on the earth, says the Lord. End

Blessing and favor, Samuel Ramos III


Observation about the symbolism in the numbers 30, 10 and 4 that I did not look into back in 2012 when the Lord gave me this word. I believe it was not for that time, but for this time that the numbers would speak to, and confirm, the word above, but also to reveal a final confirmation through the number 44. Read below and you will see why. We serve an awesome mighty God!

  • 30 – The Blood of Christ; consecration; sorrow; mourning; maturity for ministry; teaching

  • 10 – Pastor; law and order; government; restoration; nature; trial; testings and responsibility; 10 plagues; 10 commandments; wilderness; journey; testimony; ordinal perfection; divine order; completeness; tithe

  • 4 – The gospel; four corners of the earth; global implications; the whole earth; creation; God’s creative works; the sun, moon, and stars Mk the number of seasons, tides, winds, and directions north, south, east and west; space; completion; horsemen of tribulation; weakness

As I was noting the meaning of the numbers above, it struck me that together the numbers total 44. Wow! This excites me because the Lord has been speaking to me about Ezekiel 44 and how He is ready to raise up a company of Believers who will walk in holiness and righteousness. They are the gatekeepers; a body of Believers who will not be soiled by the world because the ruler of this world will have nothing in. They will be pillars of righteous and the Spirit of the Lord will be upon them! It is obvious that the vision describes a global event.

We are living in exciting times! Lord have mercy...

* Number symbolism information found in Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt's book A to Z Dream Symbology Dictionary

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