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Urgent Call To Intercession: The Party Before Inaguration Day - America and Israel under siege

I received this dream on the night of New Years Eve. It is a call to intercession for the Body of Christ. We must come together regardless of denominational affiliations and begin to fast and pray for our nation, president Trump, his family and cabinet members and their families. We must pray for Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu, his family, cabinet members and their families. We must fast and pray for ourselves and our families. Do not put it off, start today and stay in this spiritual position of fasting and praying, especially from now until the 17th, the 20th and beyond. We are already in the beginning of a great move of God, but we must participate in order to know what is happening and how to position and prepare ourselves. 2017 will be a great year in America and Israel, but it won't come without the spirit of antichrist attempting to steal, kill and destroy the blessing and victory that is already within sight and reach! Hallelujah!

01 01 2017 Dream Dreamed I was at a party for the Obamas end of administration. Many powerful people there representing the many nations. I seemed to be free to roam with no attention drawn to me. No sign of Mr. Obama; never actually saw him. There were some people there that I knew. Then I came to a group of women sitting around one woman sitting in the center. The woman was Michelle Obama and the woman sitting around her seemed to be encouraging her. She was wearing white, looked very beautiful, very graceful and respectful. She looked directly at me and smiled as if she was familiar with me. I walked over to her and recognized some of the women sitting around her. She looked at me, smile and said - hey! - As if she knew me. I also noticed she had a look of uncertainty as the women were speaking to her before I walked up. Then the Spirit of the Lord manifested and I began to minister to Michelle prophetically. I told her the following:

You think it’s all over. You think you've lived the best years of your life, but not true! You have not lived the best years of your life because the Lord says you are just entering the beginning of the greatest days of your life; and you will be changed into another person, says the Lord.

She was visibly touched by the words and was visibly overwhelmed. I asked her if I could pray for her and she said yes. I laid my hands on her shoulders and began to pray in the natural. Then I began speaking in tongues over her! I prayed in the spirit for a minute when she began to speak in tongues too. We both prayed in tongues together for a while, as we prayed, she began leaning forward and she bowed over. When we were done, she turned to look up at me and said, WOW! (I was praying from behind her while she sat in a chair with both my hands on her shoulders) She told me she hadn't prayed in tongues for years and that she was going to start doing it again. I told her she should. Then said I was going to let her get back to her friends. I turned and walked around the party some more.

A little later I was heading towards the exit when I ran into Michelle again. She was walking in the same direction, towards the exit, which was just ahead within sight. She started talking to me again. There seemed to be a bond between us now. We spoke a few minutes. Then she said she needed to move on before Mr. O came around and saw her talking to me. She said he wouldn't be very happy about it because he was a very possessive; a jealous and envious person and wouldn’t be able to handle seeing her talk to another man. I agreed and we went in different directions. I never saw him anywhere. I was walking along a sidewalk that was lined by apartments just before I reached the exit. One of the doors opened and very old woman that I saw earlier in the party, who I did not know personally, stopped me and said hello. She asked if I could give her a minute before I left so I went in. She closed the door behind me and locked it, but I didn’t think anything of it. We stood there by the door and she began talking to me, but then she quickly began propositioning me. I almost became physically ill because I was so nauseated by the things she was proposing. I couldn’t not believe what I was hearing, it was just not registering in my mind it was so bad. End of dream.

Interpretation:This dream is a call from God to all intercessors.

The timing in the dream represents this present time until Trump takes office, which is represented by the going away party. In the dream Michelle Obama represents America. The women sitting around her are the intercessors present and past who have been interceding for America to stand in righteousness once again. They represent all the prophecies spoken over America, which she has been sitting on waiting for them to be fulfilled. Now is a very crucial time for intercessors to be in their place. It is very important to not allow the enemy to distract them from their assignment to fast and pray. The intercessors are being bombarded like never before, but a renewed grace is being released to the eagles now. Just as Michelle bowed over under the power of the Holy Ghost, so shall America be humbled under the power of the Holy Spirit of God. America will be a praying nation once again. America will turn back to God and will once again be known as a nation that is one – one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. But the intercessors must stay the course now. Do not be fooled to think she has already attained her breakthrough because she has not, although she is well on her way. Just as I stood behind Michelle and laid my hands on her shoulders to pray for her and to strengthen her, so the intercessors must continue to stand behind America and strengthen her in the spirit until she wins this battle, just as it was with Moses in Exodus 17:10-13

So Joshua did as Moses said to him, and fought with Amalek. And Moses, Aaron, and Hur went up to the top of the hill. And so it was, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed; and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed. But Moses’ hands became heavy; so they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it. And Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun. So Joshua defeated Amalek and his people with the edge of the sword.

The Lord said later in the dream when I ran into Michelle again as we were walking towards the exit represented America standing in righteousness again and moving forward into the destiny God has for this great nation. We are seeing it manifesting now all across the nation today. There is a spirit of encouragement rolling across the nation because America’s new president is already fast at work. He is tilling the ground of this country and is thinking not of himself, but for the people. We must pray for him that he stays the course God has called him to and that he surrounds himself with the right people to buffet him and protect him. President Obama is very jealous and envious of Trump and anyone who supports him, but worse, he believes that he should stay in power, not only because he thinks he is the best man for the job, but because he thinks it belongs to him. He cannot bring himself to accept that he will have to give over the authority that he abused and usurped. He is an illegitimate president, knows it, but still believes he is the only one qualified to lead this nation and will do anything to keep possession of it. The Lord said he found a man who thinks like He thinks… he loves America as God loves America. The Lord said Trump and the cabinet he is putting together to run the country is like King Uzziah in 2 Chronicles 26, young to politics, and considered inexperienced.

2 Chronicles 26:1-16, Then all the people of Judah took Uzziah, who was sixteen years old, and made him king in the room of his father Amaziah. He built Eloth, and restored it to Judah, after that the king slept with his fathers. Sixteen years old was Uzziah when he began to reign, and he reigned fifty and two years in Jerusalem. His mother's name also was Jecoliah of Jerusalem. And he did that which was right in the sight of the LORD, according to all that his father Amaziah did. And he sought God in the days of Zechariah, who had understanding in the visions of God: and as long as he sought the LORD, God made him to prosper. And he went forth and warred against the Philistines, and brake down the wall of Gath, and the wall of Jabneh, and the wall of Ashdod, and built cities about Ashdod, and among the Philistines. And God helped him against the Philistines, and against the Arabians that dwelt in Gurbaal, and the Mehunims. And the Ammonites gave gifts to Uzziah: and his name spread abroad even to the entering in of Egypt; for he strengthened himself exceedingly. Moreover Uzziah built towers in Jerusalem at the corner gate, and at the valley gate, and at the turning of the wall, and fortified them. Also he built towers in the desert, and digged many wells: for he had much cattle, both in the low country, and in the plains: husbandmen also, and vine dressers in the mountains, and in Carmel: for he loved husbandry.

Moreover Uzziah had an host of fighting men, that went out to war by bands, according to the number of their account by the hand of Jeiel the scribe and Maaseiah the ruler, under the hand of Hananiah, one of the king's captains. The whole number of the chief of the fathers of the mighty men of valour were two thousand and six hundred. And under their hand was an army, three hundred thousand and seven thousand and five hundred, that made war with mighty power, to help the king against the enemy. And Uzziah prepared for them throughout all the host shields, and spears, and helmets, and habergeons, and bows, and slings to cast stones. And he made in Jerusalem engines, invented by cunning men, to be on the towers and upon the bulwarks, to shoot arrows and great stones withal. And his name spread far abroad; for he was marvellously helped, till he was strong.

Husbandry – It is no hidden secret that Obama does not love America. In the dream Michelle, America, is married to Obama. But hear the word of the Lord, America is about to be married to a new husband who will take care of her. The new husband, Trump, will invest in her and dress her the way she should be dressed and cared for. Obama, though illegitimate, was the president that God ALLOWED into position to be used wake His bride from her slumber. Husbandry, a farmer who plows and works his land, but Obama has been an enemy who has sown tares (laws, regs and taxes) in the field (against America and the Church), but the Lord is not caught off guard, He will have the reapers, His intercessors, separate the tares from the wheat by way of decree and declaration…intercession! The angels have been positioned and are waiting with expectancy to excel and harken unto voice of God’s word! Great exploits are being assigned in the heavenlies and celebrations are being planned by the One who sits on High. Surely it will not look like what everyone thought it would look like for He is the possessor of Heaven and the Earth! The fullness of it is also His and He does whatsoever He pleases with it and there is none who can withhold Him from all that He has already purposed in His heart!!!!!

Lastly, the woman who propositioned me behind her locked door just before I made it to the exit of this party, the Lord said she is Jezebel, of course, but here is the urgency to pray. Because there were representatives from many nations at this party I was about to exit, the Lord said it represents the United Nations gathering on January 17th, just before the inauguration on the 20th, when Obama is to transfer power over to Trump. The Lord said there are propositions being made behind closed doors, back room deals, to keep, stop Trump and America from exiting and moving into power. There is a supernatural transference of power that will take place on the 20th to the body of Messiah as Trump takes office, but there are plans being made to keep this from happening and the Lord said if it were told what they were planning to accomplish this it would turn stomachs, it is so evil and wicked. We have not seen the worst of the of what this man is capable of, but it is all coming to light soon and it will cause men’s hearts to fail in them for what they see him try to make law not only in Israel, but also for what he is going to try to make law here in America. Because all eyes will be on Israel during the meeting on the 17th the enemy will try to make his move against America without notice. He will attempt to totally strip America of her sovereignty and his move will be severe, something Americans and the Church couldn’t even fathom, and wouldn’t believe it if it were told to them. Again, this is represented in the dream by Michelle (America) and I both moving toward towards the exit of this party.

Intercessors must pray to for all things being planned behind the scenes to usurp the presidency be exposed, broken and canceled. It will all come to light on the 17th, but there is more than expected being planned for roll out. Israel and America are the targets and they plan to hit so severe that it will knock both down with no hope of rising again…….but God says, this too shall not be so. We must fast and pray, not only until the 17th, not only until the 20th, but beyond. There is an earthquake of a shaking of the nations coming and many, I say again, many, are not prepared. Bless you as you prayerfully consider this dream and interpretation.

Please feel free to share with other intercessors.

Best, Samuel Ramos, III

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