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3 Dreams: The Church and America - 2nd Dream

I was standing on a path along a shore. There was a sea to my right and open land to my left. It was dusk so I could still see, but barely. There was a large black object sitting on ground next to the path. It had the form that a pillar of ice cream has when it is poured into a cone from an ice cream machine. It stood 9 feet tall, had marks on it that looked like scratches. I just had a knowing it was 9 feet tall.

There was a man standing there next to it and he was yelling at me saying, look at what he’s done! Every time he says something one of these things pops up and we cannot get rid of it! I was trying to reason with the man, but he kept yelling at me to make him stop saying these things! This is heresy! The man was becoming angrier with me as I tried to convince him that what he heard was the truth. I said, sir I know this man very well and he hears from God. If he says something it’s the truth. I know what he is saying may seem controversial to you, but I have known him for a long time and if you think what he said is controversial you haven’t heard anything yet.

I was facing the black object, which was a pillar, and the gentleman with my back to the water. While we are reasoning I could hear behind me what sounding like someone splashing water as if someone was running through shallow water. I turned to look and in the distance, over the water was Lord! He was running on the water. He began to run with all his might towards me. He was laughing with great joy.

When he got to the shore he took a giant leap and landed right in front of me on the sand like and Olympic long distance jumper. He chuckled and said, hey. There was such a familiarity, like a bond between best friends, and I shoved him with both of my hands on his chest and I said, Dude! You’re freaking out the people! He laughed and said, I know, follow me I want show where the last explosion happened and why because it getting ready to happen again. Then he ran into some nearby woods. I ran after him into the woods and found they began to ascend so it became like a hike up a mountain. Finally, after a while I came to a level where there was a clearing. There was an old dilapidated trailer home with junk all piled all around it, rusted appliances, furniture, papers, etc. There was no electricity or running water in the trailer home. Two mangy malnourished dogs came out to me. They were brown and each had dog collars that were so tight they looked painful. The dogs seemed to want to attack me and for a moment I was frightened, but they had no real strength to hurt me. When they approached me with their jaws opened to attack; I put my left forearm up to shield myself from them. The bit down on my forearm but had no strength to even break the skin. They were biting on my arm, but it didn’t even hurt so I actually let them bite for a while to keep them distracted. Then Jesus suddenly said, hey follow me! Lets keep moving. I didn’t realize that Jesus was standing on the other side of the clearing watching me. When I looked at him, he turned and continued running into the woods. I ran after him into the woods, but he was running so fast I couldn’t keep up with him, but I knew where he was headed because he left a wake of his presence behind so I just followed his presence until after a short time ascending higher up the woods, but what seemed like a mountain, I came to another clearing.

There was what looked like a baseball pavilion with multiple fields for little league teams. I could tell it was a brand new complex because everything was clean; there was no trash anywhere. I noticed there was no concession stands anywhere; nothing was being sold. The whole complex was beautifully landscaped. Even the trees from the woods encircling the complex was landscaped and trimmed into beautiful shapes. I walked up to the first diamond and it was fenced all around. There was no gate to open to get in or out of the diamond. There was two large white American Bulldogs with blood red collars inside the diamond playing with each other. I assumed they were playing because I could tell they were still puppies, probably about 1 year old each. Even though they were massive in size, they were still very playful like puppies. Outside of the fence were some bleachers and there were some coaches sitting in the bleachers, but not many. They were watching the dogs very intently. That’s when I realized the dogs were not playing; they were training each other. The coaches seemed to be watching and learning from the dogs.

Suddenly, Jesus says, hey, you have to keep up with me. I was so interested in what I was watching that I kind of forgot about him. When I looked at him he laughed and I could tell he was purposely showing me these things even though I didn’t understand what I was seeing. He turned and continued running into the woods. I ran after him as hard as I could but I couldn’t catch up to him so I followed the wake of his presence through the woods, which continued to ascend higher. After running through the woods a while, I came to another clearing and to the end of the woods. Jesus was standing there waiting for me with a big smile on his face. At a distance, there were two giant silos standing side-by-side. They were so big they seemed to almost touch the sky. He said this is where the last explosion happened. Then he said let me show you how it happened. We took one step toward the silos and we were instantly standing on top of them. Then he said look, let me show you and he lifted the lid off the top of the silos. Even though there were two silos next to each other, there was only one lid that covered them both. (One must exist to reveal the other). I looked down into the silos and they were filling with what looked like gunpowder, one was charcoal gray and the other was a very light gray. They were filling from the bottom up; they were both filling at the same time and at the same level. He looked at me and said when they both fill to the top and begin to overflow into each other, there will be a chemical reaction, which will cause an explosion as in the past, but this one will be bigger than any of the others. The others will pale in comparison to explosion that is about to take place. He looked at me and smiled and disappeared. End of dream


The Lord says this dream is a continuation of the first dream. The dream takes place at the renovated landfill in the first dream, but instead of seeing the beautiful panels on the side of the landfill and all the entertaining attractions, the true condition is revealed. The Lord says this is a place of transition and preparation for the church and God’s people. There is revelation, which is represented by the black pillar, that God is releasing to the people that is liberating them from religion and false doctrines. The people are waking up. The Lord says the angry man represented religion or religious leaders that will try to prove false those who will not hold back the word of the Lord and the revelation being released to the church today. The Lord says religious leaders would use Scripture to discredit and debunk that which the Father is releasing, but it will stand and not be proven to be false or a lie. That is why the black pillar had scratches on it because it represented them using scripture, the sword of the Word, to chop down that which is being revealed by the Father.

The mangy dogs and rundown trailer represent the spiritual condition of many people and ministries today. He said the baseball diamond, bulldogs and coaches represent the spiritual place and condition many are being transitioned to. He said the mangy dogs were transformed into a new breed of believer being raised out of America and he called them his American Bulldogs. He said they would be like bulldogs concerning God and the Kingdom. They will possess great strength, tenacity, determination and confidence. They will be loyal, fearless, zealous for the things of God, obedient, faithful, consistent, intelligent beyond their age and strong-willed, as in, strong in the will of the Lord. This new breed of believer will know the Lord and have His heart and mind concerning the Kingdom and the people of the Kingdom. They will be bound to the Lord, protective of the riches of the Kingdom, guardians of the things of God. They will lock their jaws on that which the Lord has given to the Body and they will not be shaken off by leaders in the church and in government who seek to pervert truth and justice, but they will latch onto it and begin to decree and declare the judgments, which God is releasing in this hour in America. They will be relentless guardians of truth and liberty and they will not love their lives unto death.

The Lord said that the real war was in the heavenlies. He said that’s why he had to take me to the top of the silos to look into them so I could see them filling up fast. He said they represented the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of the satan. He said that it was about to spill over into the natural realm and that he would use it to be the fire that will ignite the greatest outpouring of his power and ingathering of souls, but that it will not look like anything we could ever imagine. When it begins to manifest, the people will not discern my plan in action, but will cry out, where is God now? Why is he allowing this to take place? Thus says the Lord, Out of this fiery furnace will come a new breed that I long to bring forth.

  • The Lord is not saying there are no faithful leaders or believers. He is saying there are many that are not faithful and believing. He is dealing with those who need to be dealt with.

  • Those who are with the Lord must be prepared for those that will be released to them to mentor, teach and lead. You are not exempt if you are not ordained. The Lord just ordained you now. Welcome to the ministry.

  • We must intercede for our leaders, the people and this nation; God always reveals his plans and purposes so that we can prepare and not be caught off guard or to give us a chance to turn from our wicked ways before its too late.

  • God always reveals coming judgment to his faithful ones that will pray, repent and cry out to Him for mercy instead of judgment. He did it with Abraham, Moses, Jonah and Amos. He showed Amos how judgment was coming to the people and Amos cried out to God - forgive Lord God for Jacob is small and weak - and God relented.

  • No longer fear what people think about what you believe or what you confess. It’s time to wake up! Its time to stand up for righteousness and be a light in this country!

  • Instead fear for them if they do not know the Lord and you do not open your mouth! Witness, witness, witness!

  • We must not be afraid to stand and declare truth when a lie is being taught! We have the Way, the Truth and the Life, Jesus, inside of us and all we have to do is open our mouths, but we are afraid to tell people they are living in sin and going to hell! We don’t want to offend anyone; we just want to love them unconditionally. That’s bad doctrine.

  • We must be willing to confront with truth those who teach falsely and in error the word of God deceiving many, i.e. the blessing of same sex marriage by a church and other not so obvious false doctrines.

  • We must be willing to confront leaders who are not telling the people the true spiritual state of the church and of this country because of fear of offending or losing a few. The truth is the church is asleep and no one is doing anything about it. Wake up Church! Wake up America!

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