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A Call to Intercession for Houston, Texas

This is a call to intercessors for Houston, Texas. I received an email early this morning, just before 5 am, from a friend regarding a dream he had just had. I responded with what I believed the Lord revealed to me about his dream, which was he was being called to intercession for the city of Houston. The Lord has recently called this brother to intercession so this really was a prayer assignment for him. He agreed with my response and said he would join with a couple of others to pray. I also sensed I was to pray and immediately entered into intercession this morning, but then I could not shake the dream from my thoughts throughout the day. Then a little earlier this evening I sensed an urgency to release a call to intercession to all intercessors. Below are the dream and the interpretation.

Dream: I was driving a car and someone was in the passenger seat. I was trying to recognize where I was supposed to turn but I didn't so I think I started trying to use the GPS and then I was on an airplane flying through the air. There were a couple of other people there that I was aware of and as I looked over at the window, the front, I saw 2 big mushroom clouds in the city, Houston, and I said look at the mushroom clouds with wide pillars, and I got my phone to take a picture and just as I did another bomb hit and I saw some debris fly up and we were flying toward it and I could see and hear the dirt hit the plane, it was dirt and not rocks because I was concerned that it was going to break the glass. Then something else and other debris was coming and the plane tried to fly upward to miss it, but something hit the bottom of the plane and then I woke up startled asking the Lord for help. It was probably between 330 and 3:45 which is when I got out of bed. End of dream.

Interpretation: You are seeking for direction on how to intercede or how you should be interceding. The Spirit is the passenger in the vehicle of intercession with you. He is also the GPS you are attempting to use, and the Spirit is guiding you as you navigate through the spirit realm through intercession to reveal the target of prayer. You suddenly find yourself flying through the air on an airplane and were aware of a couple of other people on the plane with you, which means you are being called to a higher level of intercession, but in agreement with others the Lord is calling to the same type of intercession or prayer assignment. You then look through the front window, which means something in the near future. You see two mushroom clouds with wide pillars in the city of Houston and tell the others on the plane to look, and you got your phone to take a picture. I will stop here to say that this part is what God is saying to look at in the dream or to focus your prayers on…the city of Houston and a possible planned terrorist attack. I say that because you literally say in the dream to look at the city of Houston and the two mushroom clouds and then you were going to take a picture of it with your cell phone. A cell phone can represent prayer or intercession to God, which is what I think it means in addition to what you should focus your prayer on, which is what you were going to take a picture of, the city of Houston and these two agree. The expression, “Houston, we have a problem!” comes to mind also.

Pillars can represent truth, but two pillars can represent AGREEMENT. Since the picture is one of destruction, I believe there is an agreement to bring destruction to the city of Houston by way of terrorist attack or false flag attack. Pray in agreement with other righteous intercessors to break all plans, intentions, and purposes of unrighteous agreements the city of Houston may be marked for. Pray with those in your church or prayer group you feel led to pray with as Daniel prayed with his three Hebrew friends for the king’s dream and interpretation to be revealed to them. God was faithful to them and will be faithful to you as well, and expose the plans of the enemy concerning Houston. We wrestle not against flesh and blood.

The dirt that hit the bottom of the plane from the third explosion represents the enemy’s attempt to retaliate against the intercessors to hinder them from moving in intercession to overthrow the plans of the enemy. It was dirt that hit the bottom of the plane the first time. Since the intercessor makes intercession in Yeshua at the right hand of the Father, then the dirt hitting the bottom of the plane is coming from the second heaven where the principalities, spiritual wickedness, etc. operate out of. The expression ‘throwing dirt’ comes to mind which means: You’re wasting your time. It is also symbolic of slinging mud, which is dirt. This expression basically means: To insult or discredit; to disparage someone, especially to the detriment of their reputation.” Easy to see that the enemy will retaliate with mind games to deceive the intercessors into believing they are wasting their time to pray, that they are not making a difference nor having any kind of effect. If this does not work then the enemy will sling mud at the intercessors, heaping condemnation on them or cause divisions through false accusations among them. Whatever it may be, we know the enemy has no new tricks. There’s nothing new under the sun. End of interpretation.

Intercessors, be sure to cover yourself; mind, will, and emotions with the Blood of the Lamb, and break all revenge, retaliation, and backlash of the enemy against you, your family and prayer groups before and after intercession. Give him no opportunity to manifest.

The reason I felt led by the Lord to post this call to all intercessors:

I believe the two recent false alarms warning of a missile launched at Hawaii Saturday and then at Japan Tuesday are representative of the two mushroom clouds and pillars in the dream.

It was hard to believe that the false alarm in Hawaii was just operator error, as the governor of Hawaii stated, but then just four days later Japan has the same accidental false warning of a missile launched at them broadcasted to the public by text message.

Japan also stated it was operator error. Both Hawaii and Japan are real targets for nuclear missile attacks from North Korea and the nations using them as a puppet. I believe the Lord is showing us a pattern between the two mushroom clouds and pillars and the two false alarms sent Saturday and then Tuesday, which is the false alarms were four days apart, which could mean the third explosion in this brother’s dream could represent something planned for this Saturday. I am not saying, “Thus says the Lord this Saturday there will be a nuclear attack on Houston, Texas!” I am saying that if the pattern of the false alarms being four days apart represents an imminent attack from an enemy, then the Lord is exposing it so we can deal with it. I really believe this brother’s dream is exposing the plans of the enemy so that God’s watchmen on the wall can, through intercession, deny the enemy of our state its manifestation and success.

PLEASE HEAR ME OUT. I AM NOT GETTING INTO CONSPIRACY THEORIES HERE. I AM ONLY YIELDING TO THE LORD WITHOUT MEASURE TO PUT OUT THIS CALL TO INTERCEDE FOR HOUSTON. I BELIEVE THAT IF WE YIELD TO INTERCESSION THERE WILL NOT EVEN BE THE SMELL OF SMOKE FROM A TERRORIST ATTACK IN THE CITY OF HOUSTON OR ANY OTHER CITY IN AMERICA. The Lord said in a word He gave me about 2018, posted on SPI website, that this would be the year we would have to yield without measure. I was up until after 2 am this morning interceding for Houston and America. I believe many others are interceding also.

It is no secret that the Houston Ship Channel has always been a major concern for being a terrorist attack target. We have been at Code Orange many times, which is just one level below Code Red. Here is a link to an article in Texas Monthly (click here) from 2004 about how the Houston and the Ship Channel are a major target for terrorism. I know it is an old article, but I am using it to prove a point. If Houston was a major target for terrorist in 2004, how much more is Houston a target for terrorists today?

In Yeshua, we have the victory over all the works of the devil, and for this reason, we too were born, to destroy the works of darkness through the vehicle of intercession.

He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.

Meet you at His feet! 1 John 3:8

One last thing, don’t freak out on me. This call to intercession is good news. The Lord is revealing the plans of the enemy beforehand so that we can break and cancel them. Do not get distracted from intercession by the smoke and mirrors being produced by the possible government shutdown tomorrow over the DACA deal. It is a distraction!

Let’s get into the spirit and knock this thing right out of the second heaven and make a difference for the Kingdom of Heaven and our Melchizedek High Priest, Yeshua HaMashiach! Glory to the King of kings and the Lord of lords!

Please share with intercessors as you are led.



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