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Be Encouraged! This Time You Will Receive Your Crown!

I was in my driveway at home. I was going to get in my car to leave, but I noticed there was a pomegranate tree by the driveway next to the frontend of my car. It was loaded with large pomegranates with large crowns. I noticed a large eagle’s nest on top of the short tree so I reached up and pulled the top of the tree over to look into the nest. There were two smaller nests inside the nest. One nest had two baby eaglets that had just hatched. When they saw me they immediately opened their beaks and leaned forward towards me as if to feed them. The second nest had two weasels in it and when they saw the two eaglets move towards me they rose up and stood between me and the baby birds. One of the weasels began growling at me. End of dream


The Lord is saying: Be very careful at this time who you associate yourself with. Be wise as fiery serpents and harmless as doves, knowing God is about to bring you out of a time where He has had you parked. Be wise as fiery celestials, not legless lizards. In other words, lean not unto your own understanding, but His higher ways and thoughts are the lamp to your feet and light on your path. Only be led by the Spirit and do not make any decisions in haste, but wait on the Lord for clear instruction. He will lead you to success and to also recover past losses in ways that have not even entered your minds.

Your prayer life must increase and not decrease. If you are too busy to pray, you are already off track. Make the course correction quickly, and the Lord will even send a sign that course correction is needed. Suddenly becoming spiritually lethargic will be the flag the Spirit will begin to wave. Fast a day while you pray and the Lord will recalibrate your inner GPS to set you straight and on your way.

Whatever the vehicle in the dream represents to you, your business, career, ministry, or maybe a whole new thing, whatever it is, it may seem like every aspect of your life has been at a standstill, but it has not. God has been at work on you and in you, internally and relationally, because both of these areas will have great impact on you in the season you are about to enter, and will determine how successful you will be.

The Lord says to be encouraged because things are about to take off again. The flow of provision, increase and prosperity will begin move forward, rushing mightily, and for some, even overflowing your banks. Literally, some of you who have been struggling financially will find yourselves back to black in a very short amount of time. He used this time to teach you what you could not learn any other way – the righteous are never forsaken, nor his seed begging for bread. You will never doubt again.

The crowned pomegranates represent the fresh and sweet anointing being released by God to those who have been yielding during this time He calls ‘parked’. The new and fresh anointing will be free flowing and will surpass any fruitful season you have ever experienced. Joy, wisdom, good health and even new growth is just ahead. It is within reach and can be easily attained just as easy as I reached up and pulled the top of the tree down toward me. Your faith is the substance of the thing you’ve been hoping for, and your faith is the vehicle to bring it from the unseen realm and into the seen realm. It is done by faith and God rewards faithfulness.

The internal work being done is to rid us of compromise, which is the result of being double-minded. So God has been shining light in our darkness so we would repent and make course corrections in our hearts. What God has been doing in us is new and delicate, which is represented by the young eaglets in the nest. It must be nurtured and cared for carefully to bring it to maturity. They can represent many different gifts and anointings, such as a seer anointing, a prophet or prophetic anointing, an anointing for business to create wealth and prosperity, an anointing to breakthrough, to rule and reign…occupy. These eaglets represent the potential offered to enter into in realms of the Spirit not many have been allowed to enter, but one thing is certain and that is that it represents a double portion/anointing being released. It is the birthright and the blessing anointing. It is the anointing of the Melchizedek Priesthood being released in the earth today. Not all will enter into this priesthood as many are called but few are willing to pay the price required to be chosen.

The concerns of this life and the deceitfulness of riches will only continue to feed compromise. This will only keep the door to this heavenly court closed until compromise is dealt with. The weasels in the nest represent heart attitudes, but also relationships in our lives the Lord has been dealing with us about, some to end and some to strengthen. Some relationships used to be good, but are now unequally yoked. Break the yoke if the Lord is leading you to. Do not compromise just make a clean break and move on or that relationship could turn out to be the weasel that devours your potential blessing and promotion.

Weasels would be very dangerous to young eaglet hatchlings and would only seek to devour them. No other purpose for them to be in the nest! Prophetically, a weasel represents a: person that won’t keep a promise; “weasels out”; squealer; informant; wimp; betrayal; warning not to befriend former enemies; they seek to defeat and devour you at any given time. The Bible also mentions little foxes spoiling the vine: Catch all the foxes, those little foxes, before they ruin the vineyard of love, for the grapevines are blossoming! Songs 2:15

Be it compromise or wrong relationships, absolute obedience to the Spirit and Word will ensure blessing promised to us through our Covenant with God. He is not a control freak. He is a good, good Father with an agenda to establish His kingdom on the earth. He wants you to walk in the fullness of all that He provide through the sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus Christ. The devil has seen the blossoming of the harvest the Lord is preparing to release His people into, and he will seek to use compromise and wrong associations to cause your vine to cast its fruit before its time.

Wait on the Lord before you do anything. Now is not the time to get ahead of God. Wait and be patient; be anxious for nothing, but pray, pray, pray. He will begin to speak clearly what the first step is that you should take, and when He does be prepared to step in it because this time you will not miscarry the blessing, nor bring forth anything stillborn. Full-term, the Lord has made up His mind concerning you – Full-term. You will be brought to full-turn and this time you will bear the blessing the enemy successfully aborted in the past, but this blessing is double.

The Lord is alerting us to be sober and vigilant because things about to take off again. Those who have been feeling idle are about to hit the road again with full tanks. The enemy would like nothing more to reacquaint you with the wrong people, wrong associations, wrong influences or people who spitefully use you. Now is not the time for a blast from the past, says the Lord!

Remember it is just within reach, so close and easy to touch. It is just as easy I reached up to the top of the pomegranate tree and pulled it down to me. So stay focused and purpose in your heart to be obedient to do all the Lord asks of you. Your reward is within reach. This time it will not abort. This time it will not be cast before its time. The Lord is saying, it is time. This time is your time so rejoice and no longer weep because a new day is upon you. This time you will receive your crown... the Crown of an Overcomer.

Receive this blessing:

You are blessed by God Most High,

Creator of heaven and earth.

And bless be God Most High,

Who has defeated your enemies for you!



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