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Intercessors: Stay focused and unseat the illegal court system in the heavenlies!

I was in intercession after the recent ruling of the 9th Circuit Court blocking President Trump’s executive order banning immigrants from 7 Muslim-majority countries. I was petitioning the Lord concerning this, but the Lord responded, what about all the gaffes? What about all the White House leaks? What are you doing about the besieging of the White House? Have you not heard? Do you still not perceive and understand that the natural is a reflection of the spiritual? If you do, then you do well, but if you do not, then you must awake, O sleeper! You have fallen prey to distraction, and are like a man who is in honor, yet does not understand, and as one who walks in darkness…unaware of the curse. Unaware of the illegal court system in the heavenlies ruled and governed by Jezebel and the spirit of anti-Christ that has kept this nation in bondage. They have made an agreement with themselves to rebel and not be moved from their high places over America. They have said to themselves they will cast off the chains and fetters placed on them by My intercessors. They have released their witches and warlocks to fast and pray, to decree and declare total annihilation over the fulfilling of My promises made to the forefathers of this Great Nation. The spiritual wickedness in high places, powers and thrones are moving through a host of satanic and occult works to bring confusion, blunders, indiscretions and misspoken words to entrap and enforce, through illegal legal means, impeachment and even imprisonment to the president and all who support and stand with him. They seek to cause the righteous to flee from them as did the seven sons of Sceva, but I have already decreed they will not overpower the righteous nor will they prevail. I have already seated the administration and the seal for the vision of this country has been broken! It is manifesting in their hearts and I will cause them to run to and fro like the angels in Ezekiel’s vision, like a flash of lightning I will cause them to move and establish policy quickly on earth as it is in heaven. He will not bend, bow or buckle to the weight of their demands nor will he appease them. I am breaking this consorted effort against My Weapon of War, against My White House to besiege and overtake it from the inside out. Even now I send the same celestial I sent to the tower. What a mighty thing he will do through chaos and confusion among the establishment, and their plans and purposes, they themselves, will not be able to comprehend any longer. My intercessors must stay focused as they encounter a darker level of deception. I am increasing wisdom, knowledge and understanding and the spirit of discernment is raising up a standard; exposing all plans and purposes of the enemy that My intercessors would begin take their places on the divine council in heaven. Where they will receive the testimony being released from the Throne in heaven to declare it on earth. What a mighty thing My intercessors will release! Awake, o sleeper from the curse of distraction! Dismantle the illegal court system, the counterfeit of My divine council in the heavenlies, and be seated in places among these who stand here now, says the Lord.

Receive this blessing:

I bless you and decree you are blessed by God Most High,

Creator of heaven and earth. And blessed is God Most High,

Who has defeated your enemies for you!

In Jesus name. Amen!



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