3 Dreams: The Church and America - 1st Dream

September 23, 2012

As I mentioned in my first post, the Lord gave me three dreams starting March 2011, March 2012 and July 2012. It wasn't until last week I started to receive understanding about how all three were connected. I especially received understanding about the last dream and how it is currently unfolding right before our very eyes. Please read them and pray for understanding of the day were are living in. It is a very serious time and day for America, a pivotal point we are fast approaching and the church must wake up. Please forward these dreams if you feel led and pray for America.


First dream - Renovated landfill


I was at God’s house visiting. We were in his bedroom and I noticed he looked extremely different. His muscles were huge and bulging like he’d been working out; even his face muscles were huge and bulging, which made him look totally different. He was standing in front of the dresser looking at himself in the mirror. I was standing next to him on his left. He looked so different there was nothing familiar about his features.


He looked at me and I said, you look different, very different, but you look good. You look like you have been working out on steroids. I almost didn’t recognize you. I probably would have walked right passed you if we were in public. He shoved me playfully like I didn’t mean it, so I said it again. No really, you look good. You look like you’ve been working out. You’re all bulked up and you even look younger and stronger than ever. It’s noticeable to me anyway. He smiled and said come on, let’s go. He walked over to his closet and grabbed his coat. He said I’m going to take you to the mountain of God. I want to you see something that’s happening there.


Next, we were in a car and I am driving down a highway that I am very familiar with because of my job in the waste industry. I’ve traveled down this road countless times. I ask him if he was sure we were going in the right direction and he smiled and said yes, the mountain of God is just ahead. We were driving past a subdivision on the left that I was used to seeing. I could see the roads in the subdivision from the main road we were on. There were driveways leading to where the houses should be, but there were no houses, only a tree stood in each lot. The trees were mature trees, giant oaks, but they were bare. Not one tree had a leaf on it and the sight was so eerie that it caught my attention. I turned to him to say something about it, but he was observing me and I found myself lost for words.


In the distance behind the subdivision was what looked like a mountain, but I knew that it wasn’t a mountain because of my job. It was a landfill so I finally turned to him and he was observing me again with a big smile on his face. I said that’s a landfill, that’s not the mountain of God. He said, yes it is. I said, but I go there all the time for my job, I know for a fact that is a landfill. He said, yes, it is the mountain of God so I just continued driving. As we got closer, I noticed that the landfill was in the final stages of being renovated to make it look very attractive and beautiful. It was so high that it could be see from miles away. It had big square panels of concrete placed on it from top to bottom like siding on a house. The panels also had designs etched in them that were very beautiful and could be seen from the subdivisions that were built all around it. As we approached, I noticed there was a fence that went completely around it. I drove into the parking lot and parked the car.


There seemed to be some sort of festival taking place, but it was on the inside of the fence. There were people everywhere doing tricks and shows to entertain everyone all around the bottom of the mountain, but we couldn’t get close enough to see very well because of the fence so he said, come on lets go inside. That’s when I noticed there was a bait shop in the parking lot, which also happened to be the only entrance through the fence. I wondered why a bait shop was in the parking lot at what was supposed to be the mountain of God. The whole time he was observing me with his big smile. I began to understand he was revealing something important to me. He was waiting for me to catch on.


We went in and I was surprised to see the bait shop looked more like a souvenir shop on the inside. There were all sorts of gifts you could buy to prove you visited the mountain. There were shirts, wind chimes, posters, coffee mugs and everything else you would expect to find in a souvenir shop. There were people everywhere looking over the items. We walked up to the counter and he asked the clerk for two tickets for admission to the mountain. I was shocked that we were actually paying to go in to see what I knew was a landfill. I tapped him on the arm and asked almost appalled, we actually have to pay to go in? It’s a landfill, why can’t anyone see that? He just smiled at me and paid the fee and got the two tickets. He said come on let’s go in.


We walked out the door at the back of the shop and onto an observation deck. It was a place where people who didn’t want to go all the way in could just watch and observe the festivities from the deck without having to get down on the ground or go near the mountain. We walked down some steps that led to a path we had to follow to get to thebase of the mountain. It seemed to be a long path, which was strange to me because I didn’t notice the path from the parking lot and it seemed way too long a path to fit behind the bait shop, which was almost right up against the bottom of the mountain.


When we finally made it to the mountain where there were many shows taking place. It looked like what you would see at a circus or carnival. There were various attractions available for people who were amazed at the tricks and acrobatic stunts being performed. The more amazing the feats the more praised the performers were by everyone that paid to get into the show. We continued walking and saw many tricks being performed.


I noticed something enticing me; trying to sway me to want to join in the festivities with everyone else. There was such and excitement and charge in the atmosphere, but I quickly shook it off. Then we came to a place where there were people in animal costumes like what you would see at Disneyland. There were big bears that looked like Yogi Bears, but the costumes seemed to be too big for the people wearing them. They also seemed to be some sort of celebrities because they had huge crowds gathered to watch them perform. They had their pictures all over the merchandise for sale in the bait shop so we stopped to watch with everyone else.


The bears would start running up the side of the mountain, but because it was so steep they could only run up so high and then they would come tumbling down. The people would cheer wildly for the bears that made it the highest up the mountain.


Then there were three of the bears that somehow learned how to run up higher than the rest, but they came tumbling down much harder than the bears that didn’t run up as high as they did. They each took turns running up as high as they could. The higher the bears went up the mountain the harder they came tumbling down. The harder they came tumbling down, the harder the people cheered for them. The bears became celebrities and heroes to the people. The people seemed to worship them. So the bears would stand with their hands raised up as if in victory and would run up the mountain again to go higher than the last time only to come down harder and the people cheered more and more becoming more mesmerized by the bears as if they were the only ones with the skill and strength to run up the side of the mountain. Everyone kept trying to touch them when they came tumbling down as if some power would be imparted to them to climb the mountain like the bears.


I was very grieved by all that I was witnessing. I thought to myself, this boring and stupid. Don’t these people know this is a landfill and not the mountain of God? I don’t care how they decorate it, it’s still a landfill and the waste that is buried in it is toxic to them and the surrounding subdivisions where they live. I also couldn’t understand why no one recognized God Himself standing there in their midst. I turned to say something to him about it and he was observing my reaction to everything I saw as he showed me around. I could sense he knew what I was thinking and that I was grieved. He looked at me and smiled. End of dream   


Interpretation of the dream:


Be prepared for a greater release of My Spirit and power through the vehicle of My Word. There is an increase in power that will only come by revelation to those who seek Me with their whole heart, not only hearing My words, but also doing them and teaching others to do the same. These are they, through whom I will perform great signs, wonders and miracles. My people must put away the old mindsets of religion and remember not the former things and do not consider the things old that worked and produced a kind of fruit. Do not be like the people who made an idol of the brazen serpent Moses made to deliver My people for a specific time and season. Do not practice the things they practiced. I am not in or of the things of old that were for a specific time and purpose as the brazen serpent. Behold, I will do a new thing and it is springing forth now. How is it that some of you do not perceive it? I am making roads in the wilderness and rivers in the desert of the place that religion created to keep My people in bondage to rituals and traditions. I am bringing My Church to a place that seems to be a place of shipwreck, but it is not. It is only a place of transition from a vehicle that is no longer useful for the work and day that lies ahead. Many are rightly discerning that I am about to do a great thing, but no one knows what that great thing is. Many can sense it is on the horizon, but cannot say what it will look like because a thing never seen cannot be described with words. But know this, it will be like the day of Paul’s shipwreck. The crew of the ship threw their tackle, their means of providing and doing for themselves, over board, to lighten the ship. I am saying to My church and leaders today, get rid of all that weighs you down, the sin that so easily besets you. All that brings you gain and prosperity through your power and manipulation must go. Dark days are upon the earth and will continue to grow darker, but when it seems like the end, it is not, it is only the beginning of a new day. Just as the crew of the ship did not recognize the land when it was day, my church not recognize the land that I am revealing and bringing it to, but you will know that it is Me if you trust and obey, says the Lord. Paul’s ship came to a place where two seas met, a sandbar, and got stuck and was broken to pieces as the two seas beat against the ship. So I will do the same to the vehicle that My church has been stuck in for centuries. I will pour out what many might call the former and the latter rain, but it will be the harvest that I will pour out. A harvest so great that is will break apart every vehicle My leaders built themselves apart from Me. My leaders must let go of the anchors, loose the rudder ropes; and hoist the mainsail of My ship to the wind of My Spirit and trust in the Lord with all your heart and let my people go! Let My Spirit begin to move among the people no matter if it means shipwreck to your ministries. If the current state of your ministry cannot survive the move of My Spirit then run it aground. No longer care what people will say, no longer fear the opinions of man. I have many ministries and individuals stuck in a place where you can see the light of a new day just ahead of you, but you can’t get to the land you sense in the distance. It will require jumping ship, your ship, that you built, in order to get to that new place. The new land that you know I have brought you so close to and that you can almost see in the distance. If you yield to My Spirit and do all that I am leading you to do, I will cause you to become a very bright light in very dark days of which you have not entered into yet. I will use you to be a guide to those who do not know the way or who may have lost their way. You will be a beacon in very dark days that will lead many to Christ as Paul was able to lead the crew of the ship to dry land without losing one soul. So will I cause you to lead many to dry land, solid ground to stand on in a time and day when all the world has to offer is like shifting sand bringing utter destruction to all who build on the wisdom and lies this world gives. Will you hear and obey? Will you set your performance and ministry aside? Will you allow your fans to forget who you are and your star to begin to fade so I can shine bright through you and cause many to come into the kingdom through the Door called Straight & Narrow? Behold, the former things have passed away and a new thing I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them. Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed. I am with you. When you come out of the fire you will not be burned, your hair will not be singed. You will not even smell of smoke. Only that which is not of Me will be consumed, but that which is gold and silver, holy and righteous, will remain.


The Lords says - I am speaking to leaders today face to face as I spoke to Moses. I am making Myself and My instructions clear to the leaders regarding My ministry and theirs. I say to you, the two cannot walk together. I am carefully considering your responses to My leading. I am carefully considering your responses to the revealing of My truth and greater understanding of My Spirit and Word. I am considering your willingness to cooperate with Me, your attention to detail and willingness to release to My people that which will release them from religion. It may be that some need to be released from you. For those who have been pressing in with sincerity of heart, knocking and knocking again, seeking and seeking again, and asking with out ceasing even though it seems that I am purposely pushing back and concealing truth and revelation from you, do not grow weary. I say to you that I have been testing you to see how bad you really thirst after righteousness and that you are willing to do and say all that I will reveal to you. Be prepare, I am about to open a door to you and reveal to you that which you sense, but have not been able to see clearly. I will walk you through many things and reveal to you many things that will cause you to say, I wish I hadn’t asked to see and know the things that you are showing me Lord! I say to you, be strong and of good courage for I am with you, and I am with you to help you understand what I am showing you. I will not let you be consumed with fear and doubt, but you will be consumed with zeal for My house because My house has been consumed by the world and the sway of it. This should not be so. Behold, I will cause you to speak My word concerning this and because you speak My word when I release you to speak, I will make My words in your mouth fire and the works of people and the world in My house will be as wood and it will be devoured. They will try to discredit you by saying you speak a lie, but do not fear them. The zeal of the Lord will do this thing in the site of all to see and for all to know to fear the Lord. My people are too familiar with Me. This too should not be so. I will make those who seem to be something to seen for what they really are and that is nothing, but only if they will not repent and yield to My Spirit. If they will not stop the blood shedding and fleecing of My people then I will cause them to be fleeced for all to see and to know that I am the Lord. If they will not stop diluting and perverting My words I will cause them to be diluted and perverted for all to see. I take no pleasure in the downfall of my leaders because they do not rise to fame alone and they do not fall to destruction alone. Many are the people that are taken down and scattered when a leader falls from grace. I will come forth in ways that will not be familiar to you so be quick to listen and slow to speak. Seek Me for confirmation and guidance on what to do and what to say. You will not recognize Me by familiarity or what you are comfortable with. I have been and I am still seeking people and places with the right attitude and atmosphere and that will hear and obey. My church has become like a landfill for the world to fill. It has become toxic to the spiritual condition of My people causing them to become like trees without leaves. This too should not be so. The practices used to bait My people are an abomination to Me. This should not be so. The manipulation disguised as the word of the Lord to get the people to sow into the work that I did not commission or request is an abomination to Me. This should not be so. The work that I commission does not require manipulation. I cause the people to have a willing heart and a willing spirit to fund the work that I do. I am opening their eyes to see and to know the work that I am doing and they who are of a willing heart and spirit will have seed to sow. I am opening their eyes to see that they are like trees without leaves. I am opening their ears to hear what they are not hearing from My leaders. I am opening their hearts to receive truth and that truth will set them free from religion even if My leaders will not set them free with the truth that I have revealed to them; only keeping it for themselves to know and to gain a profit from. I am doing these things to prepare My body for the days that are upon her. Days will be dark, but only for a season, but even in that season I will cause My people to rise up and become as bright lights in a dark day. My people will lead many on to the way and road of righteousness. My people will show the lost how to be found, the deaf how to hear again, the blind how to see, the broken hearted how to be made whole, the captives how to escape and the prisoners how to be pardoned and by this the enemy of My people, the accuser of the brethren will be plundered and his kingdom will suffer great loss. I will strike the skull of his head with the heel of the foot of My Bride and I will send confusion and light into the enemy’s kingdom. There will be caused by it a great exodus like the exodus of My people from Egypt. My Bride will overcome and destroy the works of the enemy set against her. This will happen and I tell you of it before it comes to pass, that you may be prepared for the harvest that I am about to release. I desire that not one soul be lost. Do you desire the same or do you wait for another opportunity to profit, another revelation to bind and sell? Desire the things that I desire and so shall you prosper. Surely, as I have thought, so it shall come to pass, and as I have purposed, so shall it stand; that I will break the works of the enemy in My land and on My mountain tread him underfoot. Then his yoke shall be removed from My people and his burden from their shoulders. The Lord of hosts has purposed and who will annul it? My hand is stretched out and who will turn it back? I will make them a people called blessed and all that they do will be called blessed. I will cause showers of favor and showers of blessing to come down on them. I will cause even those who have been like a tree cut down and left to a stump to sprout again. I have been witness to their being made a prey and I have been careful not to let their root die, but at the scent of what I am doing, the scent of My Spirit being poured out, they will bud again and bring forth branches like a new tree. They will be trees that yield their fruit once again bringing glory to the Father, Says the Lord.


  • Read Ezekiel 34

  • Lay aside hope of a speedy recovery, but instead decide today to serve the Lord with your whole heart. Do not shrug off the warnings and instructions that are coming forth from the prophets of God that things are going to get worse before they get better. Decide today whom you will serve. No matter the choice, fruit will be produced in abundance. God will favor you in a time of need.

  • Remember not the former things, now I am doing a new thing. Be willing to change, be willing to be changed.

  • Ezekiel 3 – God is calling us to intercede like never before. Do not shrug it off.

  • Pray for the nation, repent and cry out to God for the sins of our nation and for the sins of the church. We are all responsible for fasting and praying for the land He gave us. He calls it our land.

  • Pray for the leaders and people represented in the dream. Intercede for them that they will yield to the Lord and repent of their ways and begin to allow the Spirit come down and the people to come up.

  • Pray for leaders in government, they are also represented in the dream.

  • Reach out to your family and friends and encourage them to draw closer to the Lord. Now is the acceptable time, today is the day of salvation.


His best for you,




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