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Seed for the Sower



September 23, 2012

Two nuclear bombs explode near my home

I was in my home bracing for some coming event. It seemed that all the doors and windows in the house had been secured. I was now standing in the living room by a loveseat and facing the front door. The Lord was standing just behin...

September 23, 2012

I was standing on a path along a shore. There was a sea to my right and open land to my left. It was dusk so I could still see, but barely. There was a large black object sitting on ground next to the path. It had the form that a pillar of ice cream has when it is pour...

September 23, 2012

As I mentioned in my first post, the Lord gave me three dreams starting March 2011, March 2012 and July 2012. It wasn't until last week I started to receive understanding about how all three were connected. I especially received understanding about the last dream and h...

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